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Water First… Medicine Second


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“Here, I’m going to write you this prescription for some medicine. Just take it as directed on the label and I’ll get you to come back in a couple of months and we’ll do more tests. 

If you run out here’s a repeat prescription.

We”ll do some more tests and let you know. 

How long is the medicine to be taken for?

Possibly for the rest of your life.

Of course it may fluctuate from smaller to higher doses at different times, but that’s what the tests are for!”

Sound familiar?

The times i’ve heard someone tell me this story, i’m still dumbfounded.

There’s no remedy to be found if one has to continually require a substance you cannot find in nature.

For drugs to be required, you have to ask yourself if it makes sense to mask what the body is attempting to eliminate naturally. 

Granted if a life-threatening situation is experience, drugs will save your life when otherwise you would have left the planet.

Which leads us to a question…

What is the solution for on-going health issues if taking medication for the rest your life isn’t the solution?

Keeping it simple

Let’s say your body is experiencing illness; then there’s obviously an imbalance in one or more of your body’s systems, be it glandular, lymphatic, muscular, skeletal, neural etc.

Tis common knowledge now that the body is primarily made up of water.

About 70% and upward is the accepted scientific premise.

So if there’s an illness being experienced within your body, it would make sense to first test the waters of the body for irregularities, rather than use the dis-function of a particular organ or gland as the first point of call.

For instance, many glandular issues are simply one of the noticeable indicators the waters of the body are out of balance.

Take for instance the thyroid gland.

The thyroid gland itself is primarily made of water.

To return your thyroid gland function to health status, your thyroid gland (and all your glands and bits for that matter) must have access to bathe and nourish themselves in a vibrant & energised hydrated terrain, thus we first get an indicator of where the health of your body is by looking at its waters.

So how can you check the health and cleanliness of your body’s water?

You check your body’s urine for heavy metal toxicity using a simple heavy metal test kit.

And you check your body’s pH (hydrogen levels) levels by measuring the pH of your urine.

Heavy metals

By simply checking your urine for heavy metal toxicity, you may well find the crux of a myriad of your health-issues.

Heavy metal test kits are in no way accurate in the sense of measuring parts per million (ppm), but what they do show you is very accurate.

If after testing your urine the result indicates lead for instance, your body hasn’t got a little bit of lead in it, it has a lot of lead in it.

You see checking your urine will only show you what the body is attempting to get out of the body; sequester, chelate.

To achieve this, the body uses the four channels of excretion to remove toxins and waste material, namely…

  1. Respiration
  2. Perspiration
  3. Urination and
  4. Defecation

To accurately measure how much toxicity is being stored out of harms way in your fat cells, your lymphatic system and in your bone is truly not an option as the only way to truly measure it is by carbonising the body and unfortunately that does require a dead body.

So what you’re testing is only what is being released into the blood stream in a process called sequestering.

And it is from your blood that urine is created. Hence the checking for toxicity in your urine may be an indicator of toxins in your blood.

pH levels

Checking your urine pH for example is a very enlightening practice to practice when dealing with illness of any sort.

It’s equally calculable to maintain health for that matter.

The most useful method to give you something to work with so you can adjust your intake of nourishment is by measuring your urine’s pH level throughout the day.

How do you do this?

You do this by taking notes (writing down on a piece of paper) what you eat and drink through out the day.

It is by the taking note of the fluctuations in the acid/alkaline levels that occur through out the day and by looking at what you have consumed in the hours before the testing that gives you a first hand glimpse into the corresponding relationship.

For example: If you’ve consumed a meat pie for lunch and you check your urine’s pH level 40 minutes or so after you’ve finished eating it and your pH level is 6.1..

But two hours before eating the meat pie you’d had a bowl of salad and 40 minutes or so after eating your bowl of salad your pH was 7.1..

Then from these changes in your pH measurements, you’d know this…

After eating your meat pie, your digestive process required more alkaline buffers than was available to efficiently digest what was consumed at the cellular level.

Otherwise your body would have been able to maintain an alkaline state (at the cellular level) during the digestion of the meat pie.

As such, and this is due to possible alkaline-mineral deficiencies at the cellular level, your body may struggle to maintain its regenerative function.

By any means i’m not advocating eating meat pie’s as i’ve been practicing a non-meat diet for over 40 years.

But it’s not rocket science that we are what we eat, drink, think and breathe.

Either way we’re going to get an abundance!

An abundance of health or and abundance of ill-health.

The difference is where we start, what actions we take and what we think about whilst doing it.

Some words to ponder

The starting and focusing on the problem of an organ is not going to fix the problem because the true problem almost assuredly is isolated to the particular organ involved.

Your body works as an integrated whole and everything in your body is effected, and is affected by other bodily functions.

Apart from your breath, the true nature of healing is to start with what gives life to everything on this planet and what the body is made of and that is water.

To take it one step higher is to consider the fluid that transports all life, nutrients and oxygen to name a few through out the body.

Your body’s blood.

And what’s blood made primarily from?

Yep, you got it… water!

Water First.. Medicine Second people 🙂

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