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Nanoparticle Gold and Silver

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Gold and silver for better reception

How sharp to you feel in your mind?

Do you feel foggy, a wee bit scattered?

Or are you feeling mentally fit, physically strong and emotionally stable with a passion for living your life?

As strange as it may sound, feeling vibrant and energetic is how your body is designed to operate.

Your body is designed to exude energy by default!

If this was not true, your body wouldn’t do everything in its power to heal and regenerate.

Heal from a cut, heal from a cold!

And it’s all about information!

Or more to the point, the TRANSMISSION and RECEPTION of information!

It matters not if a radio station beams out your favourite song if your radio isn’t tuned in to receive it.

Same thing with your body!

Your brain may transmit a signal to your legs, but that doesn’t guarantee your legs will get an uninterrupted, unimpeded signal.

You see inflammation of both muscle and neural pathways wreak havoc on the flow of information.

And where there is inflammation and blockage of information (your nervous system), dis-ease in the body will likely follow.

This is where gold and silver may help!

Be a super conductor!

Commercially, gold is used in high-end visual and audio products for good reason.

GOLD is highly averse to corrosion (inflammation) and an excellent conductor of electricity.

SILVER is the best conductor!

Take for instance the iPhone manufacturer Apple.

It’s estimated that Apple recovers around 1000kg of GOLD from its recycled phone program annually.

That’s a lot of GOLD used for the transmission and reception of information!

Medically, GOLD is used for drug delivery for a myriad of illnesses including cancer.

Do a search on your favourite search engine and the results are bountiful.

As for SILVER, is both a steriliser and purifier of water.

Your body is primarily made up of water.

Your muscle is made of blood and blood is made of water.

Suffice to say, the benefits that the regular ingestion of both nanoparticle GOLD and SILVER in colloidal suspension can provide you and your body could well be considered undeniable!

That’s why, against all odds, we continue to source and supply both nanoparticle GOLD and SILVER in readily absorbable colloidal form.

Some suggestions!

What recommendations would we suggest with regard to both Colloidal Gold and Colloidal Silver?

First and foremost, based on many years of both observation and experience it is suggested to add small amounts of both colloidal GOLD and SILVER to the water you drink.

We believe small amounts in regular supply are far superior than big amounts less frequently.

As a suggestion, have a go at adding…

  • 1 – 2 ml of both colloidal GOLD and SILVER per litre to the water you drink.

So if you’re drinking 2 – 3 litres of water per day, you’re supplying your body with around 5ml of both nanoparticle GOLD and SILVER.

A wise man once said!

As SILVER & GOLD have antibacterial, antiviral, & antifungal properties, one teaspoon of both SILVER & GOLD held in your mouth for an extended period of time is a great way to introduce these two elements into your bloodstream via the blood rich tissue of your mouth and throat.

If you’re experiencing a bout of food upset and in cases of food poisoning for example, it is believed that by swallowing up to 100ml of SILVER COLLOID can work wonders.

GOLD held in your mouth for prolonged periods of time like when you’re meditating is said to enrich the spiritual aspect by vitalising soul, mind and body connection.

Suffice to say for thousand of years gold has been used for spiritual applications by almost every religious practice.

A simple remedy for mouth-breathers

If you’ve never heard of the practice of holding liquids in the mouth to promote respiratory awareness, now you do.

And the reason this remedy works is simple.

Holding liquids in your mouth for prolonged periods literally forces you to nasal breathe (breathe in through your nose)!

You either breathe in through your nose or you swallow the liquid and resume mouth breathing.

Be it gold, silver or water in your mouth, always remember to relax.


Either way, get the GOLD and SILVER into you!

For it’s not what is transmitted, it’s what is received that counts!

If you have any queries, please let us know.

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