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TriBreath is a teaching resource improving the most vital aspect of your life and your mobility… your body and your breath.

TriBreath is the key to mobility!  It is for all of us who walk, run, climb stairs, climb mountains, skip, surf, paddle, push a wheel barrow, push a pram and almost any other activity that uses the two sides of the body to move.

TriBreath is the surest way to maintain and build lung capacity.  By consciously connecting to your breath, “rhythmic breathing” body co-ordination is enhanced particularly when you’re walking, running or moving using the two sides of your body.

Once you’re acquainted with the 3 TriBreath breathing rhythm’s, that’s when you integrate simple body mechanics and use your spine as a “body lifting tool”.  With specific movements and techniques designed to increase body strength, awareness, flexibility and co-ordination… FROM HERE THE ONLY WAY IS UP WITH TRIBREATH™!

To see how TriBreath can help you re-connect with your breath, visit... www.tribreath.org