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NuStems and Borates

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Have you ever heard the old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away?”

Have you ever wondered why an apple was considered essential for maintaining good health?

Well cop this!

In a scientific study completed in France in 1967, it was discovered that the Borates content in an apple in the early 1900’s was around 20mg.

In 1967 it was less than 1mg and today according the US agricultural research centre, it is now approx. 0.46mg.

  • Ploquin J. “Boron in Foodstuffs” Bull de la Societe Scientifique d’Hygiene Alimentaire, 55, (1-3), 70-113, 1967.

Could it be that where this saying originated from, the soil these apple trees were grown in and irrigated with had a high content of boron or what are called borates available for the trees absorption and ultimately the fruit?

Introducing the NuStems!

On a very basic life-supporting physical level, when it comes to health your body primarily requires three things…

  1. Oxygen (air)
  2. Hydration (water)
  3. Nutrients (minerals & vitamins)

And one of the big nutrients (nourishing elements) that many of us are not familiar with is boron.

Boron or more to the point borates play an intricate role in your body’s ability to utilise both magnesium and calcium and to support and promote stem-cell regeneration.

Recently we were introduced to a supplemented source of borates in the form of fructo-borates called NuStems.

NuStems is a fructo-borate (Boron) nutritional supplement that also contains 60 Essential Minerals, 14 Amino Acids and 16 Vitamins that can have a positive impact on your health and help reboot your body’s production of stem cells meaning healthier looking skin.

What makes NuStems unique is the high grade Fructo-Borates derived from berries that is easily utilised and absorbed by the body.

The body repair is ridiculous!

You see it in the skin very quickly!

A heads up!

And did i mention stem cells?

i call this stuff “Youth Juice!”

No wonder the apple kept the doctor away if it was full of borates!

Suffice to say we’re letting you know about NuStems because we and many others we’ve already introduced to this borates supplement have been blown away by the shifts experienced both physically and mentally.

A bit about borates

  • Boron in its natural mineral state is a silver metallic rock known as a borate.
  • Borates have an unbalanced molecular number, meaning it is always chasing another atom.
  • When boron joins with oxygen from the atmosphere it becomes what we know as the ant killer Borax. Many studies have shown this to cause infertility in this form and is even toxic at high doses.
  • But boron, or more to the point borates, are now recognised to be essential for the health of our bodies.
  • We can survive on very low amounts of borates (10 – 20mg per day), but optimal health is closer to 70 – 90mg per day.
  • Boron is required for optimal health both Stem Cell Matrix formation and growth NaBC1 and essential for Stem Cell Signalling (activation of stem cells for repair) in the human body.

Reading this published study on boron is an eye-opener to say the least.


Boron has been shown in Scientific Studies around the globe to be an essential mineral that may help in the restoration of health in the following ailments.

  • Arthritis (Magnesium and Calcium cannot be utilised efficiently without Boron)
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis (A parasitic disease that attacks joints, along with other parasites in the body)
  • Stem Cell Matrix (Essential for the base a stem cell grows on)
  • Stem Cell Signalling (Communication is blocked without boron to transmit these signals)
  • Estrogens Production (Menopause symptoms are drastically reduced and balances the hormones)
  • Osteoporosis (Stops the Calcium dump into the blood stream and regulates the bone strength)
  • Vitamin D Absorption (Vit D is not easily absorbed without Boron to regulate the Enzymes)
  • Testosterone (Hormone production for muscle growth and proven to reduce PSA to normal)
  • Breast and Prostate Cancers (Shrunk in numerous studies)
  • Brain Function and Cognition (Boron essential in the correct growth of brain cells)
  • Increases Hormone Production (Type II D.M., Steroid production, and more)
  • Increases NAD+ Production (found to increases the binding of two NAD with Boro-esters)
  • Increased Immune Function (found to be an immune regulator)
  • Reduced Inflammation (found to reduce chronic inflammation from cytokine excessive production)

Can you get borates naturally without the need for supplementation?

Yes you can!

Cruciferous plants and fruit grown organically in boron-rich soil and irrigated with boron-rich water are the most desirable source of borates.

Unfortunately here in Australia, the vast majority of our foods are grown in boron deficient soils.

Australian soils have one of the world’s lowest concentration levels of boron present.

This may well explain why cancer, arthritis, bone disease, skin issues, osteoporosis and the list can go on in our population are so prevalent here in Australia.

NuStems utilise a high grade of Fructo-Borates derived from berries irrigated with boron-rich water and grown in boron-rich soils located high in the mountain areas of the U.S.

NuStems is a very efficient and effective way of supplying your body with boron that is naturally derived and is easily absorbed & utilised by your body to support stem-cell regeneration.

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