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Farming, for as long as we’ve been told, is cursed with the weed. Be it the weeds in the garden or the metaphorical weeds that unconsciously appear out of nowhere to proliferate into our own minds and ultimately into our physical lives, the scenario is still the same; weeds are no good!

From a personal perspective and acknowledging reflections from different trials experienced over many years, the times that weeds have flourished in my life, it’s true, these times have been conducive to difficult times.

Had i had the knowledge i have now i would surmise that a different thought process would have been implemented so as the true nature of what the issue really was could be addressed let alone seen.

The futility of focusing on the problem as the fact, and not recognising the associated feeling that is attached to the problem, is where the erring is most apparent.

Take daily drama’s

Everybody breathing on this planet knows about drama on some level.

The thoughts that one thinks about walk hand-in-hand with associated feelings.

These feelings also come equipped with their own frequency thus the potency of these feelings is ever changing.

When these feeling-thoughts are projected out into the cosmos for sufficient time, and a particular level of potency/projection is reached, these feeling-thoughts come rushing back to the transmitter (you/me), so you/me can physically experience those same feelings but this time on a denser more physically orientated physical body level. 

Not so much as an intermittent projection of feeling-thought, but as a big net full of projected-feeling being experienced in one big physically felt experience in what we call either a drama or a blessing.

It all depends upon your faith in the good and your overall life-outlook.

We call this living Life on planet Earth!

Ya gotta love it or leave it 🙂

Returning to the soil type weeds

i was visiting the Sylva Lining Organic farm the other day and was eager to see how proprietors and farmers Ian & Silva Willis deal with weeds in amongst the rows of produce.

It’s also worthy consideration to know the amount of area that is used for the production of life-regenerating-produce is in the many acres.

One could imagine that a continuous war of weeds would be ensued, not only because of sunshine, fertile soils and ample rain, but because of the judgement weeds are a drama.

Well not on this farm and not how this farmer works.

Keep in mind it’s an interesting observation or view-point i have at my disposal.

This is due to the infrequency of my visits to the farm over the years.

It seems like yesterday when Ian first started using the soil for the production of food in amongst the weeds!

The weeds through out the beds were 10 foot high plus and thick; like seriously thick.

You’d think the problem would be fixed by simply running a lawnmower up and down the beds.

But remember these are grown with the intention of minimising any non-organic natural process.

Using petrol or diesel engines around food producing plants covers the same plants with the machinery’s exhaust fumes.

May sound a bit hard core but it’s the truth.

For years Ian & Sylva have worked through the weeds, but as Ian say’s, “At the end of the season I return all that has been growing in the soil (bar the nutrients contained in the produce produced) back into the soil.”

Weeds and all get returned to the soil.

Any nutrient loss in the soil is regularly replenished with specifically formulated mix of compost and volcanic minerals to match Ian’s soil biology.

View the Sylva Lining Organics video

The intermittent visits.

As i said, because i don’t look at farm under cultivation everyday, i can see quite clearly the changes that have occurred in the health of the farm (or more to the point the health of the soil) over the early 17 years the farm has been commercially supplying the people with nourishment. 

The most apparent change to the watchful eye is that dealing with the ferocity of the weeds (as it was in 2005 compared to the when the video was taken in 2012), is now a push over affair.

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