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Fertility – A Thing of The Past?


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Computers being used on the lap

We have a problem! And I’m not just talking about the obvious environmental, political, social etc, etc, problems. This problem needs to be addressed as a priority in every home due to the scope and magnitude of it’s implications.

The effects if left forsaken have the possibility to be felt on not only the physical and emotional levels, but also the spiritual levels of humanity as a whole.

And to make matters of even more concern, this problem is hidden and not socially recognised, but as sure as day follows night, it will inevitably affect our offspring; the fruit of our loins; our children and yet the solution is so easy at hand!

What is this unseen problem and here’s my slant on it!

Laptop computers and possible fertility issues

You may ask how could i relate a laptop computer to possibly being a contributing factor to fertility problems.

Unfortunately, fertility issues can and very commonly do lead to infertility! Remembering there’s a myriad of possible causes for infertility ranging from physical, psychological to emotional to environmental issues just to name a few.

But i’m honing in on the Electromagnetic fields (EMF). The laptop computer and any other electromagnetic frequency emitting devices (mobile phones, iPads, tablets etc.).

These are devises that the younger members of the human family believe are a MUST HAVE simply because of the way information is being disseminated in today’s world.

And here’s an example! i have a mate who seeded a couple of children now teenagers.

For a couple of years now when i’ve popped in for a visit to catch up on what’s been a happening, their young teenager children (both boy & girl) are in their bedrooms with doors closed playing games and watching online videos on their computers.

A pretty common scenario in a lot of homes at the moment I would guess!

The big problem apart from music not being practiced; reading of positive affirming literature not being utilised; playing outdoors, exercise, discovery and the social implications etc, etc. is where the computers are being rested… and that is ON THEIR LAPS!

Gauss as a measurement

What the amount of radiation these young bodies are being exposed too i don’t know for sure and there’s many variables.

What i do know is that magnetic fields are measured in units of gauss (G) or milliGauss (mG), which is one-thousandth of a gauss.

The recommended safe exposure to a magnetic field is 2.5 mg.

A laptop computer can emit an incredible 150 mG, which is 60 times the recommended amount!

As you can well imagine the heat emitted from these devices after being on for hours at a time is also quite substantial.

But the biggest problem isn’t the computer, the problem is the position of where the laptops sit? Right on top of the reproductive organs!

The testicles and the ovaries!

And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what’s going to get cooked.

Would you put your reproductive organs in a microwave on slow cook?

We have a problem Pasadena!!!

If this isn’t dealt with by parents & carers and dealt with, with a potency that may be interpreted by the inexperienced young human as being tough love, i see a world where parents won’t be experiencing the joys of spending time with their grandchildren.

i see a possible scenario where infertility of the masses is of epidemic proportions.

i’m not being a bearer of negativity; i am merely sharing what i see as common sense.

Yet as a dear friend said with passion…

“Common sense isn’t so common any more!”

We as adults have not only a responsibility, we have a “duty of care” to care for others who haven’t the insight or the experience to act upon what’s best for them.

It is our commitment to others that is the true mark of a spiritual human.

May people realise (look with their real eyes) and see what is obvious.

Computers and laptops shall only be used away from the body… NO CONTACT WITH THE BODY!!!

Share the insight and act upon the knowledge; otherwise children playing around under the Christmas tree may well be a memory of your past.

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