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About Boron

Reading Time: 6:9 min

Boron for stem cell production For optimal human health and fitness, boron is a crucial mineral that has numerous beneficial…

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Boron Published Studies

Reading Time: 44:3 min

Boron is a mineral that should occur naturally in our soil. It is also a mineral that should be part…

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NuStems Youth Juice

Reading Time: 2:32 min

NuStems should really be called youth juice After 16 weeks on the NuStems, the skin sores that wouldn’t heal for many…

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NuStems and Borates

Reading Time: 4:25 min

Have you ever heard the old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away?” Have you ever wondered why an…

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Nanoparticle Gold and Silver

Reading Time: 4:1 min

Gold and silver for better reception How sharp to you feel in your mind? Do you feel foggy, a wee…

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The Benefits of Linseed

Reading Time: 2:27 min

Linseed’s (flaxseed) contain an enormous amount of essential fatty acids. The rich sources of omega oils that linseed’s are blessed…

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Haze Power Porridge Recipe

Reading Time: 5:55 min

It’s not rocket science to know we need to get air into the lungs to live. Yet why does an…

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Porridge – A Power Food

Reading Time: 5:36 min

The Humbleness of Porridge One of the earthly realities about movement on this planet is your body needs to consume…

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Losing Weight Is The Easy Bit

Reading Time: 5:10 min

“Losing weight is the easy bit”, i said.  Well you could imagine the response i received from a group of…

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