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Water & You

Losing Weight Is The Easy Bit

Reading Time: 5:10 min

“Losing weight is the easy bit”, i said.  Well you could imagine the response i received from a group of…

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Building The Road to Health

Reading Time: 3:6 min

Whether you’re dealing with the effects of illness, or you simply have a desire to increase your energy levels, there…

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What is pH?

Reading Time: 3:23 min

The term pH stands for the hydrogen ion concentration of a solution – THE POWER OF HYDROGEN / THE POTENTIAL…

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Testing water pH for optimal health

Reading Time: 2:17 min

Why would one test the pH of the water we regularly drink? Because the water most of us drink today…

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Your Exposure to Cadmium & Arsenic

Reading Time: 3:38 min

Cadmium, in industry is a by-product from the extraction of zinc, lead and copper. Cadmium is found in pesticides and…

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What is Ionised Water?

Reading Time: 2:32 min

Ionised Water is water that has been run through or over energising media to reduce the size of the water…

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Recharging Your Battery

Reading Time: 4:35 min

The term pH is synonymous with the measurement of liquids; be it urine, saliva, water or even soap. It is…

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Patrick Flanagan MegaHydrate

About Dr. Patrick Flanagan

Reading Time: 2:24 min

Patrick Flanagan (October 11, 1944 – December 19, 2019) Dr. Patrick Flanagan, was an inventor who possessed a unique ability…

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Secrets of Inner Health

Reading Time: 3:56 min

ProBiotics Are The Secrets To Inner Health Do you experience frequent headaches, stiff joints, or your elimination leaves room for…

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