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UltraStream Water Filter – Set Up Instructions


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One of the great benefits of the UltraStream water filter (apart from great tasting, alkaline, ionised toxin free water) is the easy bench-top set up.

From delivery to drinking alkaline, ionised water, it can all be done in under 10 minutes.

Even if you’re not so confident about plumbing, setting up your UltraStream is in the readily achievable category.

As the majority of kitchen taps have an aerator, simply unscrew it and screw on the supplied adapter.

This way you have access to both tap water and filtered water at the touch of the adapter switch.

No tools are required if you have very strong fingers.

For those of us who feel their fingers aren’t up to the job, a pair of pliers or multi-grips is all that is required.

Set-up in minutes

Below is a quick video showing just how easy it is.

The only requirement it doesn’t show is adjusting the flow-rate of water entering your filter.

This is achieved by using the flow-restricting tap found at the very base of your UltraStream.

Once you’ve turned your main cold water tap on full, adjust the flow-restricting tap to about one (1) litre per minute.

So if you have a 1 litre bottle, it will take approximately one minute to fill it from the Ultrastream.

In three easy steps and you’re done…

  1. Remove the aerator on your water spout
  2. Replace the removed aerator with the supplied UltraStream diverter
  3. Flush the system

And you’re drinking the second most vital nutrient your body requires for life, health-enriching water. Water that not only tastes great, it’s good for you and your body will love it!

It’s very economical

Let’s get real, water is expensive and in most stores around the world, more expensive than fuel.

When buying water you don’t know what you’re really getting for your dollar.

In most cases the water is unfortunately both acidic (pH) and an oxidive (O.R.P. Oxidisation Reduction Potential).

  • At purchase, the cost of water using the UltraStream is about 17c per litre
  • On filter change, 7c per litre

The UltraStream comes with a 3 Year manufacturers warranty, requires no electricity and wastes no water.

And the taste?

Beautiful silken smooth water!

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