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To Give Or To Get


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The Giving and the Getting

Most of us would agree there’s a big difference between giving and getting.

But what if the two were so intertwined with each other that each aspect of giving or getting had to be present for any and all experiences to exist?

For example… If one thought about getting fit and set about acting on the wanting to get fit, yet fulfilling the purpose only soreness and injury followed, one could easily wallow in a well-of-confusion that can very easily lead to dis-satisfaction thus the interest in this physical fitness stuff is lost.

This can readily be seen when it comes to changing life patterns or habits that have created a well worn divots in the psyche.

As with anything well practiced, one gets good at it.

Every road traveled

When it comes to healing, in particular the healing of the self, be it emotional, spiritual, mental or physical or anything in between, knowing the difference on what is giving and what is getting can literally be the difference between peace or suffering.

Like for instance as you can imagine, there are so many thought processes that go through the brain when one is experiencing pain and illness.

And when i say illness, it can be any form of illness from headaches to life-threatening conditions.

All spectrum’s!

When one is experiencing pain and illness, one would think it was a fair enough thought process to think get well.

You wouldn’t wish ill on your brother or sister let alone yourself, so thinking about getting well would seems like the right path to take if one is unwell.

Let’s say it’s a headache.

It sounds quite reasonable to get relief!

i just want relief from the pain most would say.

Most people of right mind would say both thought processes, that of getting well and getting relief, were the correct thought processes so as to implement correct action and that is to get well.

But based on experience with both myself and hundreds if not thousands of humans i have watched and guided through healing crisis’s, this common thought process of getting well and getting relief isn’t the quickest and harmony bearing path that one can take.

In fact most of the time it’s quite the opposite action that bears the sweetest fruit.

And it all comes down to the intention.

Blinded from the initial cause

You see, there’s a very strong possibility that when we focus on the getting, we’ve already lost sight of the giving.

When your body experiences illness, it’s a no-brainer that your body is experiencing the results from the physical stress that was experienced by your body previously.

That’s why the body gets ill.

The body isn’t in balance!

The body isn’t emanating a giving vibrant force.

So here’s the million dollar question!

Why do we think that asking for more, or more to the point, getting more from the body so we don’t have to feel the pain or experience the illness is right action?

Wanting to get well, wanting to get relief!

To me it’s like trying to get water from a dry sponge.

i believe the correct thought process for healing has nothing to do with getting.

i believe the correct thought for healing is ALL ABOUT THE GIVING!

See how this sits within you and most importantly, how it feels.

A new way of thinking

Let’s say i’m not feeling well and have a pain in the head.

Apart from recognising that pain has come a calling, a feasible way of thinking would be to go to the supermarket or to the doctors to get something so i can get rid of this pain.

i’m going swallow these pills so i don’t have to feel this pain and then i can get relief.

Then i’ll get some sleep!

Tthen i’ll get better.

So many gets!

Or another way of thinking!

My body is not well.

That i can feel.

My first action is to recognise i am the creator of my experience and master of my feeling centres.

It was i who thought the thoughts i thought that ultimately slowed down the vibration of my body.

No one forced me to think the way i do.

No body forced me not to give my body with the necessary nutrients my body requires.

i may be giving my body what i had been taught to do but i do have a choice to think for myself and always be open to higher knowledge.

The reason my body is in or out of balance is due to what i alone create.

My second action is to not judge my body for how the body has responded.

Once i recognise it’s the way i’ve related to and relate to different situations i experience, i can then see what i’ve done to my body and first of all apologies to the body to promote peace and bring peace to my body.

Sounds crazy but acknowledging misguided action is the first step towards peace.

Truly saying sorry to your body for your mismanagement of your body brings peace.

A fine edged tipping point

Knowing that stress is the biggest cause of disease in the physical body and most stress is built in the mind is required.

Whether you’re meditation, standing, sitting, lying down or practicing your Wall Work, always remember a true apology always brings connection and ends dis-connection.

Say to yourself, “i’m sorry body”!

As you say sorry to your body, visualise in your mind “the you”, physically opening your arms out wide and simply embracing and hugging your body.

A big love hug and saying thank you.

Thank you body for giving me the physical gift so i can experience life.

With practice you’ll gain awareness of more of your “body space”, like bring the light of a candle down a dark path.

Once you connect with your body’s pain, wherever the pain is sitting, practice with focused intention “bringing of peace”.

Walk up to the pain in your mind and give pain a hug.

For the truth is all pain is there for is to look for peace.

Pain is just trying to find peace.

Your task is to give your body the time so you can relax your body’s pain and stress.

And when giving your body your focused attention and your love gains traction, that’s when the lightness takes affect.

Not because of what you can get, but what you can give.

Regeneration is propelled because of what you give.

Have a go! It’s already yours 🙂

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