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Bringing Peace to Pain Unlocks the Door


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How To Walk With Peace & Reduce Pain

Call it Karma, the Law of Cause and Effect (maybe a whole lot of stupidity thrown in), whatever you want to call it, in my years on the planet i have experienced many great pains.

And we’re talking about big pain like broken back nerve damage pain!

Would i say no to the experiencing of these crisis’s?

Well let’s see!

Firstly, does having the choice to say “no” to experiencing the crisis, entail a conscious-awareness of not receiving the benefits that could have and would have been obvious many years after the crisis has lost its grip… its hold?

And would i say no to the crisis, if living a life that only presented blissful appreciation of bliss was being offered???

i think my answer would be no!

A retrospective view

In hind-sight, years after the crisis point, when you can look back over what’s been experienced (and how you now relate to that experience) something has always been “given” within that “opportunity”.

More than likely because walking hand-in-hand with Crisis is Harmony. And in Harmony’s foot steps is new understanding.

Knowing “WHAT” the body requires, be it to heal an injury or a ill-at-ease-ness (an illness), always come from insight and the implementation of right intention backed up by right action or the Power of Informed Choice (PIC).

A possible scenario

Let’s say my knee is sore.

One would think my job is to fix it.

Exercise it, work it and strengthen the muscle!

Knowing what i know now, i know my job is not to fix it.

That would be choosing wrong action.

My job is to bring peace to the knee.

It is by bringing peace to my knee that my body will fix the knee.

It is an illusion the thought that i can fix my body.

i don’t even know how to fix a small cut.

i know if i keep the cut clean and protect it my body will heal it.

Hence i know right action!

And you may well ask, “How can i bring peace to my knee?”

It’s all in your intention..

Firstly i would place my knee into a position (where anatomically it’s designed to be) where it’s sore and no further.

The goal is to touch the pain not force the feeling of pain! It is from the “source of soreness” where i focus my breath.

When i focus on my breath, i don’t only focus on breathing in; sometimes i don’t breathe in or breathe out for minutes at a time.

i just allow the breath to sort of stay with the movement or dwell in the stillness, the void… the darkness symbolically speaking.

Note: If judgement is present on darkness, the void, the female, Yin, the Mother… try breathing in without breathing out. In the beginning all there was was darkness and darkness is all there is. Light can only exist with darkness to receive it yet darkness can exist without light.

The mission at hand

My job, my mission so to speak is to focus my breath (be it an in or an out breath) and my mental intention on the sore point of the knee. My job is to connect my mind with my knee.

It is from there i focus my energy on… relaxing the knee… bringing peace to my knee.

i feel the knees heat as i expand my point of awareness to relax the leg.

It is with peaceful intention i come, hence i don’t want the pain to go away, nor do i go beyond the pain.

i stay with the pain with no attachment of whether the pain goes away or not.

It matters not if the knee never heals to me.

My job is simply to bring peace to the knee.

A knee with no stress held in its muscles tissue will heal very quickly.

To follow up i would introduce a course of tube sessions and practice remembering to use my tube when i first felt my knee twang.

i didn’t get a sore knee in an instant.

It took time to break.

After a couple of sessions on the tube (again with no attachment whether or not the pain stays or leaves) we stimulate the leg muscles with the intention to bring fresh oxygen-rich blood to the area.

And with that fresh blood and oxygen, comes a fresh supply of Spirit.

The One Bringing Peace holds the Key 🙂

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