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Vitamin C Powder – Yes or No?


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Can Vitamin C be detrimental to your health?

It’s often made me shudder a little bit when i see people mixing a white crystallised white powder called ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) into a glass of water and then unceremoniously scull it down.

For years i could never quite put my finger on it until i heard a talk given by MegaHydrate and Crystal Energy creator Patrick Flanagan on the Gold Coast, Australia with regard to hydrogen ions (H-).

In his talk Patrick shared this insight into some of his research with regard to hydration and most importantly, hydration at the cellular level, bio-chemistry and what is called the antioxidant cascade.

The creation of radicals

Until the understanding of hydrogen, it was known that all antioxidants become free radicals themselves when they donate an electron, thus neutralising the original free radical.

The resulting free radicals are not as harmful as those that were neutralised.

For example, Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) becomes dehydro-ascorbic acid (its lost its hydrogen).

The dehydro-ascorbic acid must be eliminated by the body.

This is true of all antioxidants except for H- or active hydrogen.

When H- neutralizes a free radical, pure water is the result.

The exciting thing about H- ions is that they can re-store and re-cycle all other radical scavengers.

That is, it can restore Vitamin C in the body over and over again so that it does not need to be eliminated as a toxin.

It works with all other known antioxidants in the same way.

Hydrogen is the Mother of all antioxidants because of this.

Hydrogen is the only free radical fighter that is like that.

And that’s when the penny proverbially dropped

If you look at the foods that contain large amounts of vitamin C (oranges, berries, pineapples etc.) they all have one thing in common and that is a high water content.

And it just so happens that the water content of all fresh RAW fruit and veggies is also hydrogen-ion rich.

It’s the hydrogen-ions of the fruit carrying all the vitamins and minerals in colloidal suspension.

Just like the plant, your body is a colloidal based system.

The nutrients are suspended in water and don’t fall out of suspension except in the case when the cell is dehydrated.

It’s obvious there’s an affinity between Vitamin C and hydrogen because it’s a natural process.

Ever wondered why when you drink freshly squeezed or pressed juice, within 15 minutes you feel clearer and you’re feeling better.

That’s the hydrogen ions that have been absorbed into your bloodstream saying hello to your potent oxygen-distributing red blood cells.

If in powdered form you are taking Vitamin C powders, take it with MegaHydrate and feel the difference.

And for a steady supply of hydrogen rich water, the UltraStream water filter produces hydrogen within the filter medium.

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