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Secrets of Inner Health


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ProBiotics Are The Secrets To Inner Health

Do you experience frequent headaches, stiff joints, or your elimination leaves room for improvement? Just plain old tired or just feeling sluggish and washed out and don’t know why?

If you answered yes to more than one of the ailments, chances are you are being over-run, with putrefactive bacteria’s that are trying with all their might, to take over you and your body.

Sleepless nights, bad breath, dried-out hair, excessive wind, bloated abdominal region, constipation, a frequently stuffed up nose, blemished yellow skin, and body odour are all classic signs of a body over-run with putrefactive bacteria’s.

If they do have a chance to take over, there are dire results for your well being, not to mention your sanity.

So if you feel they have taken over or better yet, before they do…

NOW is definitely the time to stock up on your internal health arsenal.

And the weapon of health you require is only big enough to see under a microscope; it battles an internal war every moment of your life and it goes where the vast majority of us fear to tread.

Where is this battle fought?

In the digestive tract, the large intestine… the bowel.

And what is this weapon of health? Lactobacillus acidophilus and as many of its cousins that you can get your mouth into!

These good bacterium’s help lower your internal acid levels, which improves your overall pH levels, thus promoting vitality.

How do these good bacteria’s help me?

It’s vital for a healthy body that we all understand it is a high acid level terrain that actively supports bacteria’s that through their existence distribute poisonous substances through-out the bloodstream.

This acid build-up can clog and compromise your bloods ability to absorb and distribute oxygen.

It can also limit your body’s ability to utilise hydrogen and nutrients such as vitamins and minerals etc..

Unfortunately when your bloods ability to distribute nutritional goodness throughout your body, your body’s vitality stream will also be compromised.

As a direct result, you can expect the blood cells vitality to be compromised thus impacting the cells ability to grow, repair and even reproduce. 

If you multiply this cell sluggishness or sickness by the billions of cells in your body, you’ll begin to understand where many of our physical troubles begin.

Or more to the point where the countless names of illnesses have their root cause.

Are there any easy steps can i implement to improve my health?

Cleanse, fast and consume foods that are RICH with good bacteria.

The bacteria family known as the Lactobacillus bacteria’s are always a solid ingredient in the recipe of healthy living.

Lactobacillus rich foods are kefir and other ferments, BLACK sourdough bread, sauerkraut, kimchi, raw miso, sour nut mylk’s, green bitter herbs for example.

These foods are extremely good for your inner health and can also be very fun to make.

Fortunately most of these foods are pretty easy to find, though unheated sauerkraut on that hand is a bit harder to find. Most of the sauerkraut you find on supermarket shelves has been heated for ease of storage.

Make your own if you can’t source unheated sauerkraut from a supplier.

What’s the use of making let alone eating what was a bacteria-rich food if you’re only going to heat it, thus destroy the living-ness of the bacteria? 

If you can get unheated sauerkraut, buy the barrel variety usually sold in bulk at delicatessens.

What to do if you haven’t the time to make all these Lactobacillus rich foods?

Then at least get into the ProBiotic Formulas available from most health food stores.

The most abundant formulations will most likely be found in the fridge.

Bacteria’s need food just like you do so cooling down the supplement also cools down the bacteria’s hunger.

Some of us feel as though we get all the nutrients we need because we take supplements such as multi vitamins & minerals.

Again, if your system is finding it hard to absorb nutrients in naturally occurring foods, what chance does it have absorbing pills?

Remember… “It’s not what you eat, it’s what you absorb!”

Eat plenty of raw fruits, raw vegetables (especially the green leafy varieties), seaweed/kelp, oils (nuts, seeds and grains).

Drink plenty of water.

Eat plenty of unrefined rock and sea salt with your Lactobacillus rich foods and enjoy the walk as you tread the path of optimal gut health that truly is the prerequisite to good health both physically and mentally.

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