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Colloidal Minerals – Why take them?


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Why do think it is that some of the mineral supplementation we take in pill form just doesn’t seem to make any noticeable difference?

True, eating our commercially grown mineral-deficient foods, grown in our mineral-deficient soil will sustain your life, but what about expansion… regeneration?

The vast majority of minerals in tablet, capsule or powder form are very difficult to absorb…low-performance

Often they are sourced directly from rocks, clay’s or salts.

Minerals derived from rocks are in an inorganic form and as such carry a positive charge.

That’s why pills and tablets are coated in proteins or amino acids and then called chelated.

The theory behind this is it is hoped that by including these specific additives, absorption rates will increase.

Poor absorption leads to poor performance

Unfortunately most digestive systems are not in good shape, so these chelated tablets are only 30%-50% absorbed at best.

Biological availability of inorganic mineral supplements may reduce to 3 – 5 % in individuals over the age of 40.

Most tablets pass right through us and if you happen to be passing by a radiologist, you can x-ray these tablets and watch them pass through the intestines and right out of your system.

What to do?

If you are really joyful, or as most of the humans say – serious about your health and you regularly push yourself; or if you regularly sweat and exercise; or you are recovering from ill health or injury; or you just wish to give your body what it needs to regenerate (to feel rejuvenated), i fully recommend you do some study and suss out plant derived Colloidal Mineral Concentrates!

Plants absorb earth-bound minerals through a process of photo-synthesis converting these elements into a carbon based colloidal organic molecule, which carries a negative charge.

During the earth’s prehistoric era, the topsoil was incredibly rich with humic and fulvic acids.

So, plants were able to take up higher concentrations of minerals.

Those plants helped make up a rich layer of the earth’s crust – the humic shale.

By leaching humic shale with low temperature water, it becomes possible to reactivate fulvic acid fractions, and disperse the colloidal minerals in the resulting liquid.

What are colloidal minerals?

The word colloid comes from a Greek word meaning glue.

It means an attractive link between the psychic nature and the physiological organism.

From the atom: to the molecule: to the colloid.

If you looked at an atom under a microscope, it would be a thousand times larger than a colloid.

Trace minerals in concentrated colloidal suspension are very small particles suspended in a liquid base, making them easily absorbed by the body.

Having a natural negative charge (she is not called Earth for nothing), plant-derived colloidal minerals are naturally attracted to the walls of your intestine, which are positively charged.

You can absorb 98% of them, making plant derived colloidal minerals the most efficient way to absorb minerals.

Look at the size of your cells.

A red blood cell is 7 microns.

A colloidal mineral particle is 0.01 micron or less.

That is 1/7000th the size of a red blood cell.

Plant derived colloidal mineralRed blood cell

If this goes on inside me, how does it affect me?

Your blood stream is the carrier of life-supporting minerals, vitamins, nutrients (liquid, solid and gaseous), oxygen, and a whole host of other things both physical and etheric.

It is in fact, a little universe functioning as a solar system, doing its thing, right inside you!

To see how vitally important minerals are to you, let’s use a simple analogy and see minerals as little planets coursing through the universes life stream, the solar system.

Within our solar system there are many planets that affect the way the Earths environment acts.

The moon for example!

Imagine if the moon in your lifetime collided with another galactic body, or experienced injury, or started dissolving (which it is) into the cosmos.

It may not have a huge effect around our solar system, but closer to home the effect would be noticeable and huge, if not catastrophic.

Earth’s tides would be affected, the seasons would be affected, in fact there would be a fair amount of dis-ease being felt on Planet Earth within all the kingdoms.

Now imagine that within your bloodstream, this moon was called calcium.

Now if something has gone within your world and calcium was deficient within your bloodstream, the effect it has upon your body has been called all sorts of dis-eases.

Just to name a few of these well known dis-eases

hypertensionhyperactivitybrittle fingernails
irritabilitymuscle crampsnervousness
osteoporosisnumbnessperiodontal disease
bone spursricketstooth decay

The list goes on… and that’s just for calcium.

That doesn’t include the other…

  • 6 macronutrient essential mineral elements
  • or the 14 micronutrient essential elements
  • or the 5 elements (whose nature has not been scientifically established)
  • or the other 30 elements (whose metabolic role has not been found)
  • or their related dis-eases that can be felt throughout the body if there is deficiency.

The need for mineral supplementation has never been as necessary as it is today, in our artificially fertilized, mineral-deficient toxic soils, in which we grow our mass-produced foods.

Understand that if the body is mineral deficient the body’s ability to absorb vitamins is deficient.

The body cannot absorb vitamins without minerals. Minerals are first!

If it’s not in the soil, it’s not in the food you eat.

If you buy any minerals, plant-derived trace minerals in colloidal suspension must definitely be placed high on the list, and if they’re not on your list, put them on your list.

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