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Precautions in the use of urine therapy


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It is generally not recommended to combine urine therapy with the use of (prescribed) chemical, allopathic medicines or recreational drugs.

The combination may be dangerous to your health.

If you are taking any form of allopathic medicine, begin with the external application (urine massage) until you are free of all medication, if possible.

If it is not possible or safe to stop the use of certain medicines, start with taking a few drops of urine internally or use a homeopathic tincture or gently rub fresh urine into the acupressure points of your ears.

Keep looking and feeling very carefully how you and your body are reacting on the treatment.

When suffering from a serious illness or, generally, when in doubt, consult a good natural doctor.

Advise and precautions:

During any form of internal use of urine, the following should be observed:

  • Amaroli should not be started if medical or any other form of treatment is being used. Two days should intervene between the stopping of medication and the commencement of amaroli.
  • People with liver, kidney or heart disease, in whom protein intake and water balance is a problem (for example if there is swelling of the tissues of the legs, abdomen, hands, etc., with water), should consult an experienced therapist or doctor before starting amaroli.
  • Pus filled urine should not be used in amaroli. Only those people with great faith and experience would attempt to treat infections of the kidney, bladder or urethra with amaroli.
  • Diet for the most intense forms of the internal technique (that is three or more glasses per day), should be low in protein and salt. Refined, processed and synthetic foods should be avoided, for example, white sugar, refined flour, tinned food, and so on. Spicy food may make the urine pungent and difficult to drink. Some proponents recommend that milk consumption be stopped too.
  • Intake of alcohol and tobacco should be reduced to the barest minimum, or preferably avoided totally if possible.
  • A healing crisis is said to be a sign that the body is purifying itself very rapidly. These crises may take the form of loose stools, skin eruptions such as pimples and boils, vomiting, fever of unexplained origin, cough, general weakness and debility. The advocates say that there is no need to panic and take drugs for any of the above mentioned processes. They usually occur because the body systems are now strong enough for the elimination processes to handle the deeply ingrained toxins and poisons. These other methods (e.g. healing crises) are then employed by the body to dispose of the excess, and as a result, strange and perhaps as yet un-experienced manifestation may occur. If this happens the best way to handle the situation is to reduce the intake of urine or to stop completely and rest the body. Complete rest and fasting may also help, or a fruit diet can be instigated, depending on the manifestations that occur. Please do not run to your doctor and start taking medications to suppress the healing crisis’s. Let them unfold naturally and according to their own sequences.

The following are the most common manifestations of the healing crises and their recommended treatment:

  • Loose stools: fasting and complete rest for one day is probably the best measure. Plenty of boiled or distilled water and lemon juice is suggested. The toxins of the body that have been loosened by amaroli then have a chance to be eliminated. The second day one should eat some boiled rice and curd, or some boiled rice with mung beans. By the third day all manifestations should have subsided and amaroli can again commence.
  • Skin eruptions such as pimples and boils can be treated in the following ways. In the early stages rub the lesion with urine and leave the urine on for one or two hours before washing if off (in cold water without soap) to stop the process. If they continue to cause trouble or if boils develop, urine packs can be applied. Fomentation with warm water, cotton wool and Dettol or salt should be applied at night before sleep. Boils should never be lanced, squeezed, pressed or touched by the hand. These manifestation usually disappear after three to seven days. A light diet of fruit only will help the process. Please remember that boils and pimples are the bodies natural way or expelling overloads of toxins. They usually excrete from the skin if the other filtering and eliminative channels (lungs, colon, liver) are not functioning optimally. Once the toxins have been excreted the boils should disappear for good.
  • Vomiting may occur when the urine is especially bad tasting and smelling as in fevers, jaundice and other illnesses. The urine of such dis-“eases” may seem totally unpalatable, yet if the patient has steeled his mind to drink it, then copious supplies of water will help to dilute the urine and make it easier to drink. If you can hold down the first flow, then the second should be more dilute and better tasting, and so on, until clear pleasant tasting urine finally comes.
  • Vomiting is good in that it cleans the stomach just as kunjal kriya does, Therefore, it should not cause any undue worry. After vomiting, the nausea is usually relieved and you feel better. If vomiting persists and dry retching occurs, you should seek professional help. After vomiting urine, you should rest and take some light fluids such as lemon water or some other fluid replacement. When fully rested, try amaroli again.
  • Mild fever of unexplained origin can occur as a reaction of the body, designed to burn up the toxins. It is one of the most thorough of the eliminative series and requires nothing more than complete rest and constant fluid intake. After the fever, fruit and a light diet should precede the commencement of amaroli.
    NOTE: regular checking of the body temperature should ensure that it does not go too high. In such a case the head should be cooled down with cold water application and the feet massaged with ghee. If the temperature still stays up after one hour, aspirin may be taken only as a last resort.
  • Cough and cold may appear and indicate elimination of mucus from the lungs and respiratory passages. again reduce or stop the intake of urine and start the practice of kunjal and neti kriyas once or twice a day. Neti using half water and half urine is good to relieve all discomfort and to help wash out mucus form the nasal passages and sinuses. The diet should exclude milk and milk product and all mucus producing foods such as fats and excessive starch until the cold is finished.
  • General debility may be felt as a result of the excess toxins, and in such a case plenty of sleep, rest and good food will help.

Fasting may be too difficult for some people, especially if they have been suffering from a chronic illness for considerable time, for example, low blood pressure, heart disease, and so on.

These people should proceed very slowly and gradually.

They may prefer to start with one meal a day fasts or fruit fasts before trying the more complete water and urine only fasts.

This rule should be applied to all people, for the slow approach usually ends up with better and faster results than one in which we jump into the most advanced practices and, finding that we can not swim, have to stop in order to resolve the problems we have inflicted upon ourselves.

In some diseases the urine becomes dense, pungent and seemingly unpalatable.

It is advised that you attempt to utilize this urine even though it may be difficult to do so.

Dense and scanty urine may contain mineral salts and other body components of value.

Wash it down with plenty of water.

Pregnant woman can use amaroli with the following restrictions.

  • The first flow of the day (on arising form sleep) should be completely discarded.
  • Then water, tea, milk, or any beverage can be consumed and the second or third flow can be used.
  • However, the urine should have a light colour and should not be too pungent or concentrated.

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