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The Hidden Benefits Of Reading From A Book

Stand next to a real piano made of wood and strings and feel the vibration go through you.

Now stand next to an electric piano where the sound comes out of a speaker and not from strings vibrating and feel the difference.

Anyone who tells you they notice no difference is either not aware of what they’re attempting to sense or they’re audibly numb.

And if one is audibly numb, treat them to a live orchestral symphony and then listen to the symphony recorded on a CD and then tell me there’s no difference.

It’s ALL about the vibration! It’s the sound that resonates through us.

But what of another sense… sight!

Does sight work through vibration?

But of course, every colour is a different frequency.

So what about reading?

Is reading all about vibration?

i know that what i read can either uplift me or give me a downer sensation.

If you want a good laugh i wouldn’t recommend reading the humans missing in action section.

So i believe it same to assume that what i read can have an effect on my vibration.

That is, whether i get a good sensation or whether i receive a not so good sensation.

But how about what medium i read from? Is a story transmitted or more importantly received differently by me if i read it on a computer screen or from words printed on a book?

The answer to this i feel is pretty obvious.

For just like music generated by an acoustic instrument to me sounds more full, expressionative (give me the strings any day!), books are made of paper and paper is made from wood, and wood has its own vibration.

The pages of time

There’s something very special about books and not just the words that are printed on them.

Holding a book is a very different experience than that of holding a screen.

The vibrations that make up the book are very different from the vibration that is plastic, metal and glass.

Books emit vibration but don’t emit EMF’s (Electromagnetic Frequencies).

It makes more sense to me if the words i’m reading are constructive by nature as i am a natural being by nature.

Then the vehicle being used for the transportation of the words and ultimately the absorption of what those words are transmitting (the message) will only be enhanced if presented by a material that has a supportive and regenerative vibration.

Just like the piano made of wood or a Stradivarius violin, the sound and the feeling you get from both of these mediums is vastly different to the sounds you get turning on your keyboard and using a plastic key to mimic the sounds from wood and vibrating strings.

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