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Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe.

Hydrogen is everywhere!

You could quite possibly say there would be nothing without hydrogen because hydrogen is the most abundant element known.

Oxygen on the other hand isn’t so abundant.

Oxygen is a spark… it’s a light, it’s the message.

Imagine if you will hydrogen as being the darkness and oxygen being the light.

Now imagine darkness (hydrogen) is the Mother element and light (oxygen) is the Father element.

It’s the bringing together of the Mother and the Father that gives birth to the child that we call Water!

Water is like you are to your parents whose purpose is a wee bit grander and that is to transport livingness.

Which leads us on to the life aspect.

The beginnings of you

When the sperm first becomes one with the egg, the first organ made in etheric (the life force) matter is the kidneys.

It is from the energy of the kidneys that the first physical organ is made manifest and that organ is called your heart.

For it is said in the ancient writings, “The soul is anchored in heart and the consciousness within the nervous system”.

You may well ask why is this at all pertinent?

It’s pertinent because this is where the state and standing of your health rests within your body!

Ancient life force

It is accepted by many sciences of healing that the body has a vital energy; a life force.

Known by many different names, the Chinese name Qi (pronounced chee) is the most popular naming for this energy.

Apart from the obvious physical accident scenario, i.e. getting hit by a bus or struck by lightening for example, people don’t die from old age, heart disease, cancer or other disease or anything else.

The body dies because of one thing.

And what that one thing is is quite surprising!

It’s called a flat battery! 

There’s no more Qi.

There’s no more spark!

No power in the battery so to speak.

And when there’s no power in the battery (kidney) to supply the energy required to keep the life-pump pumping (the heart), you’re out of here.

A path to walk

It’s a wonderful awakening to see the path to a greater life can be found with the waters of your own body.

By simply looking at your kidneys as a battery or a power source that stores energy, you’ll find what’s surrounding the cell is an electrolyte (minerals etc.). 

It is the relationship between the cell and the electrolyte that gives energy or lack thereof; potency to transmit and an open signal to receive information.

Hence the science of pH and with it, the maintaining of an alkaline state throughout the waters of your body being the greatest contributor to health and potency.

The alkaline buffers in the foods we eat and drink are the very electrolytes that promote vigour, energy and the body’s universal need for vibration.

It’s the vibration or the energy transmitted from within the cellular terrain that will draw unto itself that which is needed to promote more life.

And it all begins from the very first moment when the sperm first said hello and became one with the egg.

Pretty cool hey!

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