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Earthing or Grounding


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Earthing or grounding yourself for better health

It still brings warmth to my heart…

When i remember the first time i consciously experienced earthing or what is also called grounding.

i was in the Brindabella Mountains ACT Australia and stood for a couple of hours amongst huge trees that permeated the winds with the scent of rich oils, whilst immersing my feet in a free flowing clean mountain stream as i stood on stones that were smooth but not too smooth.

Standing on stones gives your feet the most perfect acupressure treatment (so long as they’re not too sharp).

Being bathed in the sunlight is icing for the treat. And my experience of it (still to this day in June 2013) is in the top three of my earthing or grounding sessions.

My life certainly shifted direction from that day forward or maybe it was from that day i was put back-on-track.

Thirty years on my practice is still strong.

My technique on both the physical and mental has been honed exponentially giving me greater insight to the flux generated by the core of the nervous system.

i haven’t quite got into the core YET, but i’ve touched it and i”m grateful that i now know it exists and have an inkling of its purpose and potency.

The breath is both the door and the key!

Intertwined, the inhalation and the exhalation distribute the sound of awareness.

To actually connect and feel the connection you have with your body is the path of all spiritual awareness.

Know thyself to be one first! It’s an awareness that germinates the seeds of repair, regeneration and resurrection.

It is being aware your body lives in a world of constriction, contraction and compression.

Everything disintegrates on Planet Earth and the only thing that will stop or at least dramatically slow down this disintegration is your willingness to be there for your body!

To willingly feel the physical stress of the body and without any expectation of what you’re going to get out of it, relax your body.

Whenever soreness, tightness and discomfort raise the hands, you respond by consciously relaxing where the signal emanates from and with your mind and heart you embrace and receive said soreness, tightness and discomfort into your love.

If sometimes when you relax your body while you’re honed in on a sore point, the discomfort and sometimes pain level escalate.

This is where you have to have faith in your body and know your body only wishes to repair itself.

It may be that the acuteness in discomfort is the physical structure of your body returning to correct skeletal placement.

Feeling where you hold your stress within your body and then consciously relaxing and bringing peace to the body (see below) is a wonderful feeling.

Like the first time you sense your connection.

You only know you sensed it because now you know it’s there. We don’t know what we don’t know!

How i do it… the simple version

  • Standing bare foot with your legs slightly bent and your knees unlocked is the first step.
  • Then as best you can, visualise the soles of your feet being connected to the earth. This is done by feeling and seeing the three main connection points of the feet…
  1. the ball of the big toe
  2. the heel
  3. and then to the outside of the foot next to the little toe.
  • From there, as you breathe in through the nose (and using your creative imagination), see your head light up like a bright lamp post.
  • When you can see your head lit up, see that light connecting your head and feet up.
  • Literally see the light in your head lighting up your feet in your mind.
  • When you can see both head and feet lit up, see the light from your head moving down the spine to light your body up from top to bottom by connecting all the bits in between your head and feet.
  • As you focus on relaxing and connecting to your body, at the same time, hold a vision of you being in the best physical condition you can possibly imagine.
  • Aim for the stars but it has to be you in the picture.
  • Whatever you want your physical body to be… see it.
  • Then it’s as simple as bringing peace to the body and relaxing the body!

Even if you only practice for 10 minutes a day for as many days in the week as you can muster, as your body recognises your intention to relax, your body will lighten up and be lifted. 

As your body lifts and returns to default magnificence, your pain and discomfort levels will slowly lose traction giving way to the wheels of regeneration.

It’s a technique to help bring you peace! 

To find out more about Wall Work and the TriBreath Regenerative Program, please visit www.tribreath.com

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