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Welcome to the most wondrous kingdom of kingdoms. Bountiful are the rewards given, to those of us who are willing to receive.

Contained within the seed, the tree, the grass, the fruit, the flower, the vegetable, is all we need for shining health.

The vegetable kingdom is the most complete natural provider of the vitamins and minerals we need to build up, and maintain the body’s natural resistance to disease.

The stems, roots, leaves and barks of the vegetable kingdom are all on the patents list, “most desired” by many pharmaceutical companies for their many curative properties.

The myriad of medicinal properties these the companies are looking for are not only found in the roots, barks and leaves, they are also found in some measure in the fruit as well.

As for cellular fitness, the water content of raw fruit and vegetables is an excellent source of chemically pure water.

The water content of fruit and vegetables is 100% hydrogen and oxygen.

It’s filtered, energised and open for absorption.

A Healthy Bowel is Healthy Lungs

The vegetable kingdom is the ultimate source of all the essential vitamins and minerals that help the body’s immune system deal with sickness and disease.

The natural sugars are easily converted into energy by the body, without impacting negatively on the workings of the pancreas and its insulin production.

Add to that, fibre, so vitally important to the body for efficient disposal of waste that accumulates in the large intestine.

If we could but realise how important the healthy and efficient workings of the large intestine to push out waste are, to the healthy and efficient ability of the lungs to pull in oxygen!

If the exhaust pipe is blocked, no oxygen can be drawn into the engine.

Pretty simple!

No oxygen – no fire; no fire – no vitality!

As for power, the strongest beings living on the planet are all practicing vegetable-kingdom eaters.

The great protein myth

As little as it is known, all this talk about vegetable diets being protein deficient is superfluous when you have knowledge and understand that there is only ONE KINGDOM that can create protein and it is not the animal kingdom!

For you to get your protein, you either have to eat of the vegetable kingdom: nuts, seeds (which are then turned into grain), veggie’s, fruit etc. or eat of the animal kingdom, that has eaten of the vegetable.

So if ONLY the vegetable kingdom can truly make protein, then the protein derived from the vegetable kingdom is the primary source of protein in nature.

Protein derived from eating of the animal kingdom is secondary in nature.

Hence the problem of diseases being passed on from animal to human.

It was thought in days gone by, that proteins did not have the ability to mutate.

This assumption has now been proved incorrect (mad cow disease).

It is now known that proteins in the vegetables, that are consumed by the animal, can alter and mutate.

Altered within the animal by the animals own indwelling life-force.

When you add the myriad of antibiotics, hormones and inoculations the animal receives in the course of its life, and is then eaten by the human family, there is little wonder why we as a species are getting progressively sicker and in need of realignment and repair.

Looking To The Stars

We could well help our situation if we remembered and accepted what the ancients say about the various kingdoms, in particular the vegetable kingdom.

In those intellectually simpler times, it was intuitive knowledge that ruled.

Hence their understanding of vibrations and their impact.

This knowledge professes that all the kingdoms on Earth, the mineral, the vegetable, the animal and the human, are all individually ruled by vibrations emanating from two different planets that are orbiting within our solar system.

The animal kingdom is ruled by Mars (the God of War) and Pluto (the Lord of the Underworld).

No wonder the animal kingdom is phrased a “dog-eat-dog” existence!

As for the vegetable kingdom, it just so happens that the ancients believed the vegetable kingdom is ruled by Venus and Jupiter.

Have you have ever seen a movie about the ancient Greeks and Romans?

Everybody prayed to the Goddess of Love (Venus / Aphrodite) for pleasurable blessings of the heart, and to the God of Benevolence (Jupiter) for healing.

Such as it is, these are the gifts we receive from the vegetable kingdom everyday…  Love & Benevolence!

Aging With Grace and Strength

Surely the secrets of immortality and beauty are held close within the heart of the vegetable kingdom.

No other kingdom compares with the vegetable world when it comes to sweet-scented perfumes and vibrant colour.

And if the ancient saying “you are what you eat” is true, i would like to have a pleasurable scent and be beautiful to boot!

And there is no other world on this planet that contains such potent a purpose to regenerate.

If it wasn’t for the mammal eating the vegetable, this planet would be a whole lot of green and blue.

On a more physical level, the vegetable kingdom is abundant in amino acids, minerals, vitamins, sugars, as well as water.

Low in calories and fat, vegetables are also high in their soluble fibre content which impacts positively on the workings of the intestines.

If you have read “Secrets of Inner Health” you will understand how vitally important having and maintaining healthy intestines are to vibrant living. 

Through the process of photosynthesis, the vegetable kingdom makes metallic minerals derived from the soil available to man-kind, without any of the detrimental health conditions that can occur when you ingest metallic minerals in a non-colloidal state.

And our relationship gets even closer if you look at the air we breathe.

Which Came First?

Have you ever pondered the question, which came first the chicken or the egg?

Well here’s another one. Which came first, the vegetable or the mammal?

Answer is, i can only believe what i believe i know.

And what i do know is that we all need the vegetable kingdom (all the grass, all the trees etc.) to produce oxygen.

The vegetable needs the mammal (that’s us and the animals) to produce carbonic acid.

We breathe in oxygen, we breathe out carbon dioxide.

The vegetable imbibes (absorbs) carbonic acid and releases the gift that gives us life… Oxygen!

This simplest of truths must become common knowledge very quickly in our lifetime, if not in the next couple of years.

Unfortunately it’s more than possible time is of an essence.

Every time we clear a forest, We remove the grace that gives us life.

On a lighter note

 So to the beginning we must return.

In Medicine Foods – Fruit and Medicine Foods – Vegetables, we will look at some of the common fruit and vegetables we consume, that through the test-of-time have proven themselves to be of benefit in alleviating common ailments, diseases, what ever you would like to call “not-feeling-very-well”, and reintroducing balance to your health.

That’s just on the physical level.

When you start getting into the etheric or vitalising-vibrational qualities and their corresponding effects, it’s another journey into “that which is all there is”. 

The energy-of-life that is contained within the seed is all-encompassing when it comes to being, “Conscious of Consciousness!”

It’s no understatement the vegetable kingdom is a wealth-of-health for your body.

Rich with gifts of healing will you be, when you receive that which is readily supplied to you from this loving and benevolent little forest world.

Being aware of the medicinal and healing qualities that are naturally contained within the foods you eat can throw a whole new light on what you are “really eating”.

And it doesn’t stop there!

i’ll leave you with one of my favourite sayings from one of my great teachers Djwhal Khul who said… 

“The service you can render unto others,
is of more benefit to you than any service rendered unto you.”

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