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Medicine Foods – Vegetables


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Without a doubt, it is the vegetable that rules. For the blood there is the leafy greens and for the muscle and bones the root crops.

Raw, cooked or dehydrated, there is a happy medium of health found within the vegetable.

It’s reminiscent of the ancient wisdom that defines the what and when to eat.

It is said from the most ancient of days…

  • Fruit in the morning for breakfast
  • Salad vegetables for lunch
  • Root crops in the evening for dinner.

It’s little wonder the health of the majority is fractured because this wisdom isn’t readily shared let alone practiced or taught.

Let us all endeavour to change that in our lives!

Below is a list of the most readily available vegetables that are renown for their medicinal qualities:


Known to aid the healing process for liver disease, kidney and gallbladder problems, high cholesterol levels, problems of the large intestine and hepatitis, artichokes have also been found to be of benefit to the body by helping with skin and bowel cancer prevention.

Good levels of carbohydrates, vitamin A and potassium make this food appealing to the athlete and the fitness- conscious.

Artichoke hearts are fabulous on a pizza.


A great source of the B vitamins, phosphorus, potassium and calcium, this vegetable has been found to be of help with water retention with regard to kidneys and menstrual issues, cataracts and lung problems (some bronchitis, tuberculosis).

Lightly steamed or as asparagus soup, good.


It’s almost like blood, the juice and the colour of beetroot.

This is nature being kind-natured, making it obvious for us.

Beetroot is good for the blood and as such helps reduce the risk of heart disease.

Beetroot has also been found to be extremely helpful when dealing with high blood pressure and muscle replenishment.

The good levels of potassium and magnesium make beets a must for the mentally and physically fatigued, and with the added bonus of high copper levels, support the much-needed healing energy of zinc within the body.


The small green tree packed with goodness, such as chlorophyll. Renowned in helping with anaemia, eye disorders (like near-sightedness) and infections, broccoli’s good calcium and vitamins A and C levels are of great benefit when treating most childhood diseases like measles.

Release your inner child and eat lots of little green trees.


Cabbage has been used successfully down the ages to help with lung and digestive disorders, ulcers, wounds, joints, mastitis and acne.

In particular, sauerkraut has been used in Europe for years to help with breast and prostate cancers, infections and for heart disease prevention.

Sauerkraut is an amazing contributor of good bacteria for the gut (acidophilus), making it a must-have for bacterial outbreaks of candida and thrush.

Get into it!


Carrot juice!

A favourite with healing centres throughout the world.

For very good reason!

Carrots are very high in vitamin A, and have good levels of sodium, potassium, and calcium.

Carrots are also known to improve night-blindness, aid in the care of stomach and lung cancer, the healing of food poisoning and iron deficiencies.

Keep in mind though most commercially available carrots also have a high sugar content.

If one is dealing with virus’s or cancers etc., best to keep your carrot intake down to what you can physically chew… no juicing as juicing is concentrated sugars!


Found to be of benefit and helpful for those of us with high blood pressure, rheumatoid arthritis, stomach, pancreas and spleen troubles, acne and canker sores, burning urine and eye inflammation. A noted calming vegetable, celery also helps the liver cope with stress and anxiety. Celery and carrot juice before a race provides the fluid, as well as the poise. Strength in the bone and character can be found in the flesh of celery.


The inclusion of onion in the diet is fraught with confusing statements both nutritionally and spiritually.

Many a religion who base their philosophy on spiritual attainment condone the use of the onion due to the stimulating effect it can have on your libido (you know what they say “good for some, not-so-good for others”).

Onion is and has been used to help prevent heart disease, bladder and other cancers, swelling from bug bites, circulatory problems and bronchial inflammations.

It is well known in European countries that onion tea has beneficial sedative qualities, and an old technique for curing a cold that is becoming popular again is to slice an onion into thick rings and apply them to the soles of the feet with the help of woolen socks, just before you go to sleep.

Firstly the woolen socks keep the body warm, helping the body burn up the infection, and secondly they keep the onions in place and hold them against the soles.

It’s a bit smelly, but it does work!


The potato mainly consists of carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates, by means of the saliva and stomach juices, transform themselves into starch.

By further digestion, starches are transformed into sugar, and man must have sugar.

So the potato is good for energy production, which is why the potato has affirmed itself with athletes worldwide.

Yet, some words to remember.

Potatoes are not a root crop!

They are a tuber and a member of the deadly night-shade family, and as such, if one overdoes the eating of potatoes (you are what you eat!), one may find oneself becoming mentally slow and overly materialistic.

In children especially, it has been noticed that the eating of too much potato can have adverse effects on the child’s ability to retain information and stay alert.

If you see these are familiar traits in your child, there is no harm done if you just limit your child’s consumption of potatoes for a couple of months, and see what happens.

Believe me, i have seen the results with my own eyes!

You may just retain yours and your children’s mental and spiritual receptivity.

Pumpkins / Squash

This yummy group of foods have good levels of the essential physical stuff, and they come in orange. Orange is good for the spirit and helps maintain a calm and inviting emotional outlook.

Who could go past pumpkin soup when you know pumpkins are beneficial in the prevention of prostate cancer and the reduction of the risk of heart disease?

This family of foods also aids in healing cataracts / retinal and lens damage in the eye, and with colds and flu.


As well as providing vitamins A and C, throw in phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium, tomatoes help in the reduction of heart disease, with slowing down the mental and physical aging process, and the prevention of prostate and other cancers.

Now here’s a dichotomy for you.

Rudolf Steiner advised against, or some could say forbade the eating of tomatoes if one already has carcinomas, or suspects their growth within.

The reasoning behind this was that tomatoes thrive when nourished with their own rotting matter.

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