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Purse Your Lips to a Flatter Tummy


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As most of us who search the web have found, there is a lot of information out there that really hasn’t been worth the time to find.

Take for example breathing exercises.

Do a search on this subject and you’ll find de-stressing techniques, deep breathing techniques, visual techniques and the list goes on.

Finding simple techniques that work is often like finding the proverbial, “… needle in the hay stack!

Teaching large groups of people, without doubt one of the most requested results that people wish to achieve for themselves is a flatter stomach.

If you’ve ever imagined that achieving this goal could be as easy as “how you breathe”, you’d be right.

Specific breathing rhythms and by the appropriate use of your diaphragm is the secret to achieving this.

Practice this exercise regularly and you’ll be well on your way to achieving your desired results.

Many achieve a girth loss in the inches with in a matter of weeks and much more when they incorporate the TriBreath techniques and the associated exercises as well.

Let’s get into your practice!

To say the potency of any breathing exercise is largely conditioned by the intention is a statement worthy of careful consideration.

Right living, high thinking and loving activity has more potency than is dually recognised.

No breathing exercise can be safely used where there is no attempt to create harmonious rhythm and order in the daily life.

The two activities must go hand in hand.

The only factor which makes the breath effective is the thought, the intent and the purpose which lies behind the action.

So as you use this exercise, see that which you wish to achieve

See it as though it already exists and is of the now.

  • Stand with feet apart and knees in the locked position. Breathing in through the nostrils (in one easy movement), first filling the lower part of the lungs which is achieved by using your diaphragm.
  • Then fill the middle part of the lungs as you push out the lower ribs, sternum (breast bone) and chest.
  • Then draw the air into the upper part of your lungs as you lift and fill your chest.
    Note: You will find your abdomen will slightly draw in.
  • Retain your breath for 2 seconds then purse your lips as though you are going to whistle (without filling your cheeks) and exhale with considerable force, a little bit of air through your puckered lips (as though you were going to blow-up a balloon) for 1 second. Stop for a moment (1 second or so) while still holding the air in your lungs and then exhale a little bit more air with vigour. Repeat until all the air in your lungs has been completely exhaled.
  • Then repeat the process as you breathe in again deeply through the nose to re-fill your lungs up with air. You will notice that you’ll have to use your abdominal muscles throughout this exercise. Focus on exhaling the air through your lips with strength and squeezing the stomach towards the spine. Do not breathe in for any part of your breathing out until such time as you cannot get any more air out.
  • If you can breathe in through your mouth you’ll know you haven’t fully emptied your lungs. If you’ve completely emptied your lungs you’ll have no choice as your body will instinctively breathe in through your nose. Maintain your focus and squeeze out all your air.

When you finish this breathing exercise, the body finds it quite relieving to be swung from side to side.

That is, stand with legs apart with the knees unlocked, and swing the arms, head and torso in a gentle motion from side to side.

If you’re looking for a catalogue of video’s to help you achieve a flatter stomach and improved fitness, inside the TriBreath member area is the full video of this movement called Give Us a Kiss.

It’s one of three of the TriBreath movements that focus entirely on the diaphragm and breath.

The head on each swing should also be turned so the sight is looking to what is behind. If you are familiar with the TriBreath rhythm’s, i would suggest you use the 3-step breathing rhythm.

Keep your arms soft and jelly like using the twisting action of the torso for the arms movement.

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