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Is A Probiotic Supplement Necessary?


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Like most organisms on planet Earth, if not all, the levels of beneficial bacteria decline dramatically as the human body ages.

Colonies of friendly bacteria just naturally age and lose their vitality.

One reason for this could be acids

Not acids, such as the acids that are contained within an orange or a lime for example (naturally occurring Vitamin C is an acid), but acids that come hand-in-hand with an acidic lifestyle (smoking, alcohol, stress etc.).

It is these foreign acids that can disrupt and change the acid/alkaline pH levels of the body.

So to say an acidic lifestyle may also play a major role in dramatically reducing the growth of beneficial bacteria is an understatement!

Hence when beneficial bacteria decline, harmful viral and fungal organisms, as well as putrefactive disease-causing bacteria can and will flourish.

For as little is it recognised let alone understood, for most city folk the drinking of municipal water puts huge strains on the diverse levels of friendly bacteria within your body.

You see, just like chlorine added to pools to kill bacterial growth within the water, so too does chlorine have a devastating effect on the colonies of beneficial bacteria in your intestines.

When this regular dose of chlorine is mixed in with stress and perhaps the occasional course of antibiotics (not to mention the absorption of heavy metals), it’s goodbye good bacteria’s.

What else can be detrimental to friendly bacteria in your body?

Virtually all meat, chicken, and dairy products that you eat (other than organic) is loaded with antibiotics, which help annihilate beneficial bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract.

Hence diets high in meats; not only because of the medication the animals receive, but because meat takes a long time to break down in the intestines (it first decomposes and ferments in the guts) thus promoting the growth of harmful, putrefying bacteria not to mention the worms.

Then add to this…

  • ALL antibiotics extensively used in the production of meats
  • The processing of many other food products
  • Medical Prescriptions
  • Alcohol and Colas
  • Fluoride and Chlorine
  • Synthetic Ascorbic Acid
  • Excessive Heat and Cold
  • Birth Control Pills
  • Stress

It’s not looking good for a healthy environment for the good bacteria to flourish.

This, along with dehydration (that is so common in our western societies) creates constipation, which of course allows harmful bacteria to hang around longer allowing them to proliferate.

Bowel health

There was an interesting study done in Europe regarding bowel health.

Unfortunately the link to this study goes nowhere now but the results were interesting just the same.

In the study the stools of twenty people were measured for beneficial bacteria.

Obviously each human had different levels of good bacteria which was individually recorded.

This group of twenty people was then broken up into two groups with ten people in each group.

All groups ate the same foods with one exception.

For ten days one group had green bitter herbs (catnipsheep’s sorreldandelionmint), and a range of green leafy salad vegetables included in their diet.

Whereas the other group didn’t get the greens but received a good supply of a commercially available probiotic formulation for the same ten days.

At the end of the ten days all participants again had their stools measured for good bacteria’s.

And this is where old folk lore reigns supreme.

The group who had the commercially available probiotic formula had a mild increase in good bacteria colonisation measured in their stool, whereas the group who were fed the green leafy vegetables with the added bitter herbs had a dramatic increase in their good bacteria count.

Like over four times the amount of bacteria’s recorded from when they first were measured at the beginning of the study.

Hence the saying, “Eat your greens!”

So obviously one of the first things to change to achieve vital health is your state of mind to:

  • Probiotic, not antibiotic
  • Fermented foods
  • Living foods, not dead foods
  • Organic nutrients, not man made chemicals
  • Food for medicine, not drugs
  • Preventative health care, not disease control
  • And eat your raw green salad veggies and more…

Combined with a diet that includes fermented foods, a high intake of raw vegetables and fruit, alkaline rich water and intelligent exercise, you can expect to have a digestive system that can flourish.

A digestive system that can and does absorb the nutrients contained within the foods you eat, thus supplying your body with the necessary building components that will enable your body to heal, grow and regenerate.

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