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Dried Green Gifts


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Nutrition in the form of greens is by far the most powerful form of nourishment (apart from water & oxygen) available to us on the planet.

Let’s look at some “dried green foods” that can make it a bit easier to nourish oneself.

And thanks to the latest technological advances we can easily supply our body with power foods that are easily and quickly assimilated, making them ideal for that quick hit of green nutrients before, and or after, you exercise, work, rest or play.  

A word on re-hydration

With green leafy vegetables being the “most potent form of nutrition” on the planet, one could well ask is it purely the nutritive make-up of the greens that makes it so potent, or is it a combination of both its make-up and what transports the nutrients around in what can be called the “plants blood” that makes it so potent?

As it is from the soil that the plant absorbs minerals, and then converts these rock based minerals into what is called colloidally suspended (the nutrients are held in and transported within the plants liquid making them bio-available to the animal or human munching on them), it’s the suspension in water that’s the interesting bit.

You see without a hydrogen ion, minerals are just rocks! It’s the binding of the mineral to the hydrogen that supports the suspension into a liquid solution called a “colloid”.

That’s why hydrogen ions are the most powerful antioxidant on the planet.

The only reason a free radical is a free radical is because it’s lost a hydrogen ion.

Once balance is returned (the donating of an electron), the free radical is no longer harmful!

This process is a two way street with regard to nourishing your body. Let it be known the human body does not and cannot absorb rocks!

If whatever the nutrient is, if it isn’t in liquid form the body cannot absorb it.

Hence why dehydrated foods don’t have the same bio-availability as raw fresh produce does.

The water content evaporated so too are the hydrogen-ions and as such all that remains of the food is the carbon, minerals and vitamins.

The absorption process of dried greens

It’s worthy of keeping this in mind when using dehydrated foods as a form of nourishment.

If you don’t have access to alkaline-rich water, or a concentrated hydrogen ion supplement, have a go at mixing your dried greens with a fresh juice of some form.

Add your dried greens to a fresh-food smoothie for example.

If neither of these options is available, and all you have is tap water, be mindful of keeping the green infused liquid in your mouth and chew it.

That way your body will secrete more mouth saliva first of all thus giving your body a greater chance of absorption.

Remember the old adage… “It’s not what you eat; it’s what you absorb that matters!

Kelp or Seaweed

The wonder weed from the sea! Full of carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, it also contains good levels of iodine, selenium and magnesium which are all essential elements to be in the diet for an efficient metabolism.

This is of particular benefit for maintaining a balanced body/fat ratio and healthy & robust glandular system.

The World Health Organisation estimates that substantially more than 190 million suffer from iodine deficiency disorders, and over 3 million people have cretinism.

In the largest and worst affected areas, many millions suffer from mental and physical developmental defects.

A study was conducted in the Prefecture of Longevity, Okinawa, on the elderly living in the village of Ogimi.

It was revealed that those in the excellent health group not only took short naps and exercised regularly (walking), but also maintained a regular eating habit of eating seaweed as a daily routine over their life span.

What i found interesting about the study apart from the seaweed bit was the regular naps.

Sleep is a little recognised nutrient essential for vitality and health.

Ask anyone who is sleep deprived what the lack of sleep does to the outlook on life.

But to return to the seaweed, easy ways to add it to your daily meal intake is to use seaweed flakes in salads or with rice, avocado’s and vegetables.

i believe it’s the iodine, selenium and magnesium that helps keep the body’s fires firing.  Keep airtight in the fridge.

Green Barley

Green barley has always been of considerable benefit particularly to sufferers of acid build up.

This is due to the high percentage level of alkalinity that green barley is blessed to contain.

When the balance of alkaline/acid is compromised, cell metabolism is affected which then creates the symptoms of tiredness and fatigue.

Athletes are very familiar with a condition known as lactic acid build up.

Any form of alkaline buffers that helps support alkaline cellular terrain contribute to your vitality which makes Green Barley another ideal “green-blooded” fuel.  Keep airtight in the fridge.


Spirulina is an energy packed food sourced from blue-green algae containing proteins, vitamins (including B12) and minerals.

Spirulina is accepted as a functional food and is easily absorbed by the body making spirulina of great benefit to those who are feeling tired and fatigued.

If taken with high hydrogen ion rich water, spirulina is an ideal fuel for the after exercise nutrition bullet.

Functional foods, which are defined as products derived from natural sources, whose consumption is likely to benefit and enhance human health and performance cannot be over-rated.

These foods can be used as a supplement/ingredient or as a complete food to supply the nutritive requirements of your body and/or improve a specific bodily function.

Main stream functional foods are widely used as products to nourish the human body after physical exertion or as a preventive measure against ailments.

With regard to any form of green vegetable, it’s interesting to note the ancient truism that states, “Blood is life!”

It is chlorophyll that gives “the blood of plants” their green colour and within this “green blood”, the gift of nutrition and cleansing abounds.

Spirulina is a green-food that also boasts unusually high levels of gamma-linolenic acid, an essential polyunsaturated fatty acid.  Keep airtight in the fridge.

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