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How To Have A Gall Bladder Flush – Part 1


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If there is one thing most of us would like to be able to achieve in our lives it’s the feeling of vitality.

Yet all the positive thinking in the world, getting up at the crack of dawn for meditation, stretching and physically training will come to naught if the body’s digestive system isn’t on the same train.

Firstly one must recognise how the digestive process begins!

Once recognition has been achieved, understanding that for the body to efficiently maximise the absorption of nutrients contained within the food we eat, the body requires and produces saliva’s.

Within the digestive process, there are four main digestive saliva’s that all work in synchronisation with each other to achieve the goal of digestion at the cellular level.

It just one of these processes is hindered in its function, the absorption of the nutrients contained within the foods & liquids we consume will diminish and as a direct result leads to the ever common “sluggish” feeling.

It’s a sort of blocked-up feeling that stays with us no matter what we put into our body or how much exercise we do.

Welcome to the digestive world of the liver and gall bladder, and what is called liver stones/gall stones!

What is the Gall Bladder?

The gall bladder is a little muscular sac attached to the right lobe of the liver.

Using a simple analogy that keeps the unfathomable workings of the human body simple; your gall bladder is like the spark plugs of a petroleum/diesel fed engine.

As any knowledgeable mechanic knows, if your spark plugs aren’t burning the fuels/foods you consume, it doesn’t matter what fuels you put in, there won’t be maximum combustion and ultimately there’ll be limited absorption.

So one of the goals of maintaining efficient absorption of nutrients is to keep your spark plugs clean.

This is all part of keeping your body’s engine working efficiently! 

All good and well, but the gall bladder isn’t as easy to get to as your engines spark plugs are. Just open the hood and you’re there when dealing with a car.

Not so easy on a human! The gall bladder she be all sealed up mate!

The medical way (surgeons way) of fixing a sore and inflamed gall bladder is with the surgeons scalpel.

Cut it out and she’ll be right.

The creator got it all wrong again because the gall bladder isn’t really necessary anyway.

Lazy mentality for lazy minds!

There is a way to re-activate gall bladder potency and remove the blockages that can occur through the mis-management of diet, thoughts and emotion (remembering the liver and gall bladder has long been associated to the emotions of anger, rage and blame).

The path to achievement!

Firstly i’ll give you my thoughts and reasoning about why this technique does work – and it does work!

i wouldn’t suggest to anyone to drink 600ml of olive oil and 150ml of fresh lemon juice if there wasn’t great benefit by doing so.

There’s a bit of a giggle in my thoughts as i’m writing this; 600ml of olive oil, you’ve got to be joking!

That’s a pint!

Yet you don’t drink this in one go!

  • 600ml of olive oil and
  • 150ml of fresh lemon juice

You drink 4 tablespoons of oil and one tablespoon of lemon juice every 15 minutes.

That’s every 15 minutes you swallow 4 tablespoons of olive oil and wash it down with the tablespoon of lemon juice and you repeat this process every 15 minutes until the 600ml of oil and 150ml of lemon juice is in your tummy.

It works out to be 12 doses!

It should also be noted, i do this at regular 5-8 year intervals.

Not because i’m a masochist, but because i do not like the feeling of having little green balls blocking up my vitality, and me not knowing about it.

What happened when i first did a gall bladder flush?

i remember it well.

It was over 30 years ago when i was about twenty-one and the effects on my physical body were nothing short of amazing.

Keep in mind though, the first time i did it i didn’t pass any stones.

But the energy!!!

It was like the way an engine hums after a tune-up. Fresh oil to boil and plenty of spark.

i rode up mountains, swam kilometres in the ocean, ran miles and finished off (only because the sun was setting) with a full-on body surfing session.

Though it must also be noted the thought of having any oil dressing on my salad certainly didn’t appeal for a many weeks after that.

And the weeks passed

Yet six weeks later i did it again.

Unlike the first time, i woke in the very early morning to vomit olive oil and lemon juice.

i went back to sleep, and when i awoke, i was a bit sore on the right hand side, just under the rib cage.

So i went to the toilet and when i had finished… there in the bowl (apart from the oily skin on the surface of the water), were lot’s of little green balls.

They ranged in size from 4mm to 10mm in diameter.

Boy-o-boy, i tell you… i FELT UNBELIEVABLY GOOD!!!

Granted, after two hours of drinking oil, it does get tough.

So allow yourself to walk a path that has been cleared, and listen to the voice of experience.

If you just do it exactly as i’m sharing with you, YOU WILL be able to do it and it’s more than worth it!

The benefits you receive from doing a flush are nothing less than awesome.

You may not pass stones the first time (sometimes you have to let the oil soak in to get all the squeaks out of a hinge), so just trust your intuitive feeling.

There is no doubt in my mind that your body will tell you to do it again.

It’s whether you listen and initiate the process again.

i would recommend waiting at least six weeks or so, or at least until the smell of oil doesn’t make you feel a bit queezy.

Why do i reckon it works?

Understanding that the liver’s function is to make hydrochloric acid as a by-product from the excretion of sodium-bicarbonate within the stomach for digestion is the first step.

The liver then passes this hydrochloric acid onto the gall bladder which concentrates the acid into what is called bile (if you have ever thrown up, that residual taste in the back of your throat is the taste of bile).

Bile helps the body digest the most concentrated source of energy in the diet… Fat!

So when you put oil into the body (by the way, when you start this process you haven’t eaten for six hours hence your stomach is empty), the body’s digestive system, particularly the liver and gall bladder goes into serious work mode.

And as you can expect, after 12 small doses of oil and lemon juice the gall bladder has given all it has and squeezed itself empty.

Yet in the process, or as the gall bladder sees it, a crisis point has been reached and as a direct result the gall bladder constriction has also squeezed out the built up solidified bile (gall stones) and cleared the blockages.

That’s why you can expect to be a bit tender on the right hand side under your rib cage in the morning.

And when you check your stool upon waking, do not be surprised to see a whole lot of little green balls!

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