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How to Have a Gall Bladder Flush – Part 2


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So many of us wonder why our body holds onto excessive fat even when you eat with conscious awareness of the nutritive needs of the body (that is, eating primarily of the vegetable kingdom).

If this sounds familiar, the chances are your gall energy is being compromised.

Athletes, the digestive spark that creates power to excel depends on your ability to harness fire.

Imagine your gall bladder is the spark plug of an internal combustion engine and your liver is the coil.

The liver (electrical coil) receives its energy from the battery – in the human body’s case the kidneys.

These three, the gall bladder, the liver and the kidneys separate the elite fire starters from the mediocre.

Most of us with sluggish digestive function unfortunately leave it too late, and as a result it’s a couple of days in the hospital.

Gall bladder removal is so popular it’s ridiculous!

Particularly when it’s really quite simple to address this digestive weakness, it’s just not easy!

As always, it’s your choice!

It’s either doing the work or not doing the work!

The what if scenario?

How would you feel facing the possibility of living not ever knowing the true potential you have at your disposal.

On the worst case scenario, digestive inflammation can lead to surgical procedures and a couple of months after surgery hoping to recover (if it’s even possible to recover).

Not to mention the lost time living your life in the way that i’m sure could be much better spent than lying in a bed sore and bruised.

Apart from the many thousands of dollars leaving your bank account, it’s also you saying good-bye to your gall bladder!

There’s a reason your body was designed with a gall bladder.

Just because you cannot see it or are even aware of why the gall bladder is included in the design of the human body is superfluous. 

Proven ways of maintenance still reign supreme.

If you’re unsure as to whether or not to have a go, it returns us to the old adage, “You don’t know what you don’t know!”

What if you applying this maintenance technique was the kick-start to your repair?

Your return to digestive potency and you feeling physically vital!

What if?

Steps for your preparation

On the days before your flush, minimise if not cut out all animal flesh/meat.

Think hydration (alcohol, coffee, soft drinks etc. are not included in the beverages of choice).

Think easy to digest meals for a few days before.

On the day you choose to do your flush, remember your stomach must be empty!

On the day you choose to do your flush, eat only fruit, vegetables and a very small amount of grains only (as stated above, it’s preferable to do this for about three days before hand).


Meat decomposes and ferments in your guts and has a tendency to hang around in the bowel for quite some time.

The less acidic your body is, the better it performs!

You stop eating 6 hours before you intend to start your flush.

This way your stomach will be empty.

  • So if you wish to start at 6.00pm, your last meal will be at 12.00pm (midday).
  • If you wish to start at 5.00pm, your last meal will be at 11.00am and so on. 
  • It will take you up to three hours to do the flush, so if you start your flush at 6.00pm you will have stopped by 9.00pm.

Do not think you have to stop drinking water.

The chances are you won’t want to anyway!

And absolutely NO alcohol, coffee or soft drinks etc.

Water or mild teas are fine.

Keep your body hydrated.

What you will need

Olive oil and lemons is your ingredient list.

This recipe is literally thousands of years old and probably practiced by millions of humans over these years.

Who would have thought… olives and lemons for digestive health! 

It’s probably way more pertinent & necessary in these modern times due to the processing and heating of the modern day packaged foods.

Not to mention the stress of living life in these days of the quickening change.

Anyway to the garden we must return so here’s what you’ll need to do your gall bladder flush.

The cupboard is optional but well advised 🙂

You will require… 

  • 600ml of the finest (preferably organic) extra virgin olive oil
  • about four fresh lemons (preferably organic)
  • 1 tablespoon
  • 2 small glasses
  • a kitchen cupboard

Okay, let’s do it!

Squeeze the lemons and with the tablespoon, and measure…

  • 4 tablespoonfuls of cold-pressed olive oil into one glass
  • 1 tablespoonful of lemon juice into the other

They are now sitting on the bench.

When you’re ready, hold your nose and in one action, swallow the oil (straight down) in one or two gulps.

Do not let go of your nose!

Set the empty glass down, still holding your nose, and immediately drink the lemon juice.

Swish it about in your mouth for a second and swallow.

After you’ve swallowed the lemon juice you can then let go of your nose and smell again.

Then get ready for your next dose by repeating the process and measuring your…

  • 4 tablespoonfuls of oil into one glass and
  • 1 tablespoon of lemon into the other

Open your cupboard door, put the glasses in, shut the door and don’t look back.

Walk away and come back in 15 minutes!

Fifteen minutes later

  • Open the cupboard door, hold your nose and swallow the oil.
  • Immediately after you’ve swallowed the oil, drink the lemon juice and swish it around in your mouth for a second or two, then swallow and release your nose.
  • Measure your 4 tablespoonfuls of oil into one glass and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice into the other.
  • Open your cupboard door, put the glasses in, and shut the door.

Believe me!

It’s so very helpful hiding the glasses of olive oil & lemon juice.

After the 6th or 7th dose it can get tough.

In a funny sort of way the carpboard technique is touching upon the “ignorance is bliss” kind of approach.

If you cannot see what you’re about to swallow every 15 minutes, it does minimise the thoughts of apprehension let alone thoughts of vomiting and feeling nauseous.

Just do your best to repeat this process 12 times if you can manage it.

What happens if you cannot manage 12 shots?

Most people will still get good results, even if they don’t quite make the twelve and don’t pass gall stones.

Just keep on going until you reach the level, “i cannot swallow anymore oil without seriously vomiting”.

Go to your absolute limit and if you can get the 12 in all the better.

When you;re complete, let your body settle for as long as you need, then get into bed to rest and sleep for the night.

As the liver and gall is located on the right hand side it said that sleeping on your right hand side is preferable because of the body weight applied.

But what if you roll over when you’re asleep?

Don’t stress about it…. your body will do what’s best.

Have faith!

Be advised though, you may also wake after a couple of hours and bring up some oil (that’s a nice way of saying you will probably vomit).

Unfortunately, it seems to be part of the process, but the results you receive are definitely worth the momentary discomfort.

The chances are more than very good that when you wake you will miraculously pass some gall stones in your morning evacuation.

Be sure to look in the toilet bowl to see if the process successfully dislodged gall stones.

What do i eat in the morning?

When you wake in the morning be sure to provide your body with plenty of fruit and water.

Whole fruit, not fruit juice!

Fruit juice is concentrated sugar with no fibre.

Keeping your blood sugar levels balanced will help your body’s healing.

A couple of pieces of toast, a nutritious mid-morning meal, then do as you do.

When you purchase your olive oil, only purchase olive oil that is sold in dark glass containers (organic if available).

If oil is exposed to the sun it has a tendency to go rancid.

And remember, the best cold-pressed extra virgin oil you can buy.

Fresh is best!

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