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Recharging Your Battery


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The term pH is synonymous with the measurement of liquids; be it urine, saliva, water or even soap.

It is water that makes up 70-80% of your body and this water is more like an electrolyte found in a common battery than most of us know.

Your body is made up of energy cells that can be full of charge, just holding charge or on the downward spiral, that is not able to be charged thus going flat.

Sounds just like a battery doesn’t it!

And the analogy’s pretty close.

If you look at the workings of an ordinary battery and understand that a battery’s potential is purely dependent upon its relationship between its electrolyte (this is your body’s water content and the minerals suspended within this fluid) and the cell, then it’s this relationship that enables your body’s cells (just like a battery) to charge up, to hold their charge and to dis-charge their energy when you need it.

For instance

When a battery (let’s use your car’s battery for instance) needs its acid/alkaline (pH) levels adjusted, there are a couple of sure-fire indicators.

  • One… The battery won’t re-charge (feeling tired even after a good night sleep).
  • Two… The battery won’t hold a charge – therefore being Power-less (the body not feeling strong).
  • Three… There will be acid build-up all around the positive and negative terminals (the skin, eyes and demeanour not glowing vibrantly).

So if your body’s batteries aren’t doing what they’re meant to be doing. That is…

  • One… Re-charging
  • Two… Holding a charge
  • Three… Being able to Dis-charge

What do you do about it???

Your first point of call is to check your battery’s water level!

And the chances are your battery is either one, too acidic and in dire need of alkalisation energy (your battery’s are dehydrated) or two, your battery’s cell is disintegrating and in dire need of nutrition in the form of minerals.

An ailment called dehydration

Dehydration is a life drainer!

But when you top your battery up with water H²O, not only do you increase the available medium for the transmission and reception of energy, you support the process to create an electrolyte solution. Hydrogen and mineral rich water! 

It is by increasing your body’s electrolytic capacity (water content and salts) that increases the amount of information that can be transmitted and received and this in turn helps distribute more energy.

This energy when harnessed at the cellular level gives you more life, more vitality…basically access to more energy!

Keep in mind if you don’t maintain and regularly top up your battery’s water level, the very acid (the light force of life) that truly gives the battery its ability to create the charge, hold the charge and dis-charge the energy (basically promote livingness) will be compromised.

The reality is this residual acid eventually disintegrates cell integrity thus creating unnecessary metabolic waste that then requires MORE water at the cellular level to minimise toxin saturation levels within the cellular terrain.

And here is where the gig is at…


That’s right, you have billions and billions of little cell/batteries.

This must be understood as this is your vital energy and equates to your life-force energy.

An alkaline, rather than acidic environment is one of the major deterrents to tissue damage, aging and the growth of disease organisms (virus’s and infections etc.).

Research has proven that a pH of 7.0 – 7.4 can promote protection against even the most vicious of earthly dis-eases i.e. cancer. Hence the reason that any reputable healing centre or knowledgeable medico will advocate a diet rich with RAW VEGETABLES (in particular GREEN LEAFY VEGETABLES) and FRUIT (that is low in sugars) to heal the cellular terrain thus promoting health and not disease.

Why raw vegetables and fruit?

Because the water content of raw vegetables and fruit is pure water!

Yep… 100% pure HYDROGEN and OXYGEN.

But even more importantly to you (and this is the fundamental reason why these eating habits support the body’s healing processes), the hydrogen content of this pure water is RICH IN NEGATIVELY CHARGED HYDROGEN IONS.

Understand that no disease can live in a purely oxygenated state.

If you can accept that your body is 70-80% water, and if water is H²O (two parts hydrogen ions and one part oxygen), and if no disease can live in an oxygenated state and there is disease, then it’s obvious we are lacking in the very element that transports the oxygen.

It’s the HYDROGEN!

Our deficiency in available oxygen is due to the foods and liquids we consume in our diet being deficient in hydrogen ions.

So when you’re in a space of improvement or just in a scientific state of mind, test your body’s pH or what is called the Power of Hydrogen or the Potential of Health of your body.

How do you do this?

The easiest way is to measure the pH of your saliva and/or urine.

You can use pH Litmus Paper – litmus paper

Or you can use pH Plastic Strips – plastic strips

And from there it’s the changing of habits in small increments (of both food and liquid intake and thoughts and actions) whilst keeping in mind that it is small steps that when added up together create great change in both health and outlook.

Let us know if we can be of assistance.

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