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Free Your Body – It’s Sauna Time


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From crystalisation to the return of mobility, one of the most beneficial tools at our disposal for regeneration uses the most ancient of energies… heat!

By utilising one of the founding properties of life, in what is called a rock-heated sauna (a sweat lodge etc.), the body’s ability to dissolve the physical crystalisation of tissue; be it muscle, organ or bone, and remove it from within to out is exponentially increased for the better.

You get the benefits of a warmed up body without any physical exercise/physical exertion.

It’s easy to be flexible once you’ve run around a bit. But when you exercise or run around, you’re continually burning fuels to generate movement and creating more metabolic waste.

This metabolic waste is called lactic acid. When you know acids are the number one cause of crystalisation/slowing down of your body, knowing what to do about it IS the difference whether you maintain mobility as you age, or not!

High Operating Temperature (H.O.T)

Using a rock sauna, you can bring your body up to a high-operating temperature without any of the lactic waste that is always created as a by product of the oxygen and sugars being burnt when you physically exercise.

Being involved in having a sauna is all about being involved in freeing your body up from restriction and collapse as the muscles release their stress whilst being bathed in warmth. Of course there’s the obvious detoxifying element as well.

That is, as the body heats up and releases water from your flesh in the form of perspiration, with that water toxins in the form of acids, heavy metals etc. can be transported out of the body.

Looking at the regenerative effects that cellular cleanliness gives us, the removal of toxic waste from the body is a necessity for optimal health.

That said even a body free-of-toxins ages and the process of disintegration continues.

What’s the benefit in heating the body?

As surely as breath keeps us on the planet, walking hand in hand with disintegration is solidification.

A burdened body loses pliability.

Obviously dehydration and a myriad of other causes contribute to this creeping in of rigidness, but even the best of us solidify up as our sojourn on this planet comes to an end.

But how quickly this solidification occurs is up to us.

One of the biggest advantages we get using a sauna is the increase in mobility.

Just like walking for half an hour frees up the body, so too does a sauna but with added bonuses.

You see with physical exercise there are the associated effects such as the pounding, contraction and compression on the body’s joints.

Then the biggy is the energy needed to fire up the muscle.

Obviously there’s oxygen involved, but then there are also the sugars that as part of the burning and waste process, lactic acids are produced.

And we all know what acids do to the body… they acidify!

So in a nut-shell, one of the biggest benefits we get using a sauna is the heat we can experience even though we’re not exercising to build that heat and at the same time burning sugars and thus creating more acid.

Bringing the body’s heat up without the associated physical exertion (thereby negating the added load bearing effects of exercise induced acidic build up) allows the vascular capillaries to expand thus flooding the body because of the flow of water (perspiration) to the outer extremities.

Brings fresh blood right out to your very skin!

And with this readily flowing supply of blood is an hospitable environment for the lymphatic system to flush.

A healthy body is a healthy glandular system.

Having the body’s muscles warmed-up makes it easier for the dweller within (you) to use your creative imagination (your mind) to lift the body up as it softens whilst also using your breath to inflate and lift body!

How do i use my mind?

If i can vision my body’s skeletal structure, i can also visualise the same structure as being in a strong, balanced, lifted upright state.

Once i see my hips parallel with my shoulders, i see my spine straight and sort of feel the curves.

From there i vision my body’s nervous system and all of the nerves spreading out like a hand reaching out into the abyss for the light.

And as the muscles relax they feel empty.

Free of burden… free of stress.

And from there the same emptiness permeates into the gross physical matter; the tissue, the ligaments, the brain, allowing me to fill-up the body’s emptiness up with breath, and lift my head to the skies greeting the sun.

It’s your breath that gives the body flight.

So as long as there’s a big bottle of water, plenty of raw fruit and veggies and a well hydrated body to receive benefit, a sauna is truly a wonderful tool for regeneration.

And then there’s the oils… but that’s another story 🙂

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