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A Receptive Bowel For Good Health


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The human bowel… what an amazing organ for the assimilation of nutrients.

When you get down to the nitty-gritty of what propels life forward it’s all about reception.

It matters not what is transmitted if what is transmitted isn’t received.

It gives great clarity to the ancient adage… “In the beginning all there was was darkness and darkness is all there is”.

So how does knowing that help?

Because knowing it’s not what is transmitted, it’s what is received is another way of saying, “It’s not what you eat it’s what you absorb!”

And when it comes to the health of the human body, and all organic life for that matter, digestion, absorption and elimination is all that matters.

Healthy bowel – healthy skin

Within the darkness of your abdominal region, is where the quality of health you experience in your life ultimately rests.

Your body’s ability to RECEIVE nutrients via your digestive system in the form of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen the list goes on is understated.

As your body’s ability to receive the nutrients that give you quality of health is 100% dependent upon what you GIVE your body, if you don’t GIVE your body good things, how can you truly be open to RECEIVE good things from your body?

And there’s a great indicating meter that openly shows you first hand the health of your bowel.

It’s your skin!

A breathing organ

Your skin is your body’s biggest breathing organ.

Your skin will eliminate up to 20% of your body’s metabolic waste via a process called perspiration, the 2nd channel of elimination.

Your skins role is not only to breathe out, it also handles the in breath by breathing in (absorbing) nutrients.

Think face and body creams!

Hence your skin is the external representation of your lungs.

What is happening within the skin is happening within the lung.

Taking it one step further

To take it one step further, think of your gastrointestinal tract as being the exhaust pipe of your human combustion engine.

And just like any combustion engine, if your exhaust pipe is blocked, no air can be drawn into your engine or where your body is concerned, your air intake organ… your lungs.

That’s why you know if you have lung issues you have gastrointestinal tract issues.

If you have gastrointestinal tract issues you have lung issues and quite possibly skin issues as well.

It’s one big happy trio the bowel, lungs and skin.

A blocked up bowel doesn’t have a skerrick of a chance to assimilate nutrients and eliminate waste.

It’s a classic!

Even if you can get your fill of air in, still even breathing creates waste (carbon dioxide/carbonic acid) to be removed from the body and oxygen is one of the best nutrients you can get!!!

Your precious time

On such a big level, GIVING yourself time to digest your foods is life-changing.

Chew your food until there is nothing but liquid in your mouth and swallow no sooner.

Quality of health depends on you having the time to invest in you!

Choosing to RECEIVE or feed yourself the right foods won’t give you the results you’d expect if you don’t GIVE yourself time and train yourself to chew your foods.

It’s a truth that the metabolism has no interest in what it is being fed… so long as it’s in liquid form.

Your health; my health; everybody’s health is wholly dependent on your gastrointestinal tracts ability to RECEIVE.

Ultimately it all depends upon your ability to GIVE.

And that giving could be you giving yourself the time to find that switch and accessing the will to turn those switches on.

Transmission and reception is truly where the simplicity of immortality lies hid.

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