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Food Allergies – A Different Perspective


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What is it with the ever-growing epidemic so many of us experience in the form of food allergies?

The more people i speak to the more people i find experiencing a negative physical reaction to some type of food they used to be able to eat or a reaction to a new type of food product they’ve been exposed to.

One has to wonder why such an increase in allergies is being blamed on the foods themselves and not so much on the way these foods are being grown and or then packaged, processed and presented to us.

Take for instance wheat.

The wheat grain has been a staple food for human consumption for eons and has given us so much joy in our cakes and breaking of the bread at the dinner table that i feel a whack in the heart for the wheat when i hear people saying how bad wheat is for us.

Yet the stats don’t lie!

Within the last decade, if wheat allergies were a stock trading on the stock market and you had a handful of them that you invested in years ago, you’d be a very rich human now.

There must be a reason why wheat is all of a sudden having such a cumulative detrimental effect on so many after so many years of issue free giving.

My slant on this issue is…

It’s not right to point the finger of blame on the grains that nature offers us with no expectation of reward for our well being.

That’s like saying I’m not able to receive the gifts that creation so willingly wishes to offer me.

So if it’s not the grains themselves, then could it quite possibly be the way in which these grains for our cereals and breads are being grown (not to mention how these grains are being stored and the chemicals used to preserve them for years at a time).

In days gone by

You see many years ago the only fertilizers used on fields for growing food were animal droppings and crushed up rock such as ground rock phosphates.

Grains such as wheat, barley, oats and triticale are big eaters of phosphates.

Then during the world wars, because everyone has to smoke as the science believed it was good for the lungs and pregnant mothers for that matter.

So to get more tabaco from the soil we invented something called… superphosphates.

Now fertilising the fields with superphosphates gave the farmer bigger crops quicker.

So on a money level, it stands to reason in the financial profit-based thinking that if you get more for less why would you change anything?

Makes sense right?

But if you take a closer look at how the superphosphates are made then Pandora’s Box may just well have been opened.

You see to make a superphosphate from a natural rock phosphate you have to chemically change the structure of the rock phosphate.

And the way this is done is by dissolving the naturally occurring rock phosphate in an acid and this acid is called sulphuric acid.

The making of sulphuric acid

The way we make sulphuric acid is by burning sulfur (the same yellow powder called Flower of Sulphur) and dissolving the emitting fumes in water.

What we’re left with is an acid that can corrode and change the structure of rock!

So just imagine what the process of creating a superphosphate is and then what this may do to the structure of the grain!

If sulphuric acid can corrode rock it can damage and destroy living tissues (e.g. skin, flesh, seed) and God forbid if splashed into the eyes it can and will cause permanent blindness.

And again, and our grains are being grown in what is a by-product of this acid!

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put two and two together when it comes to this.

So the next time you hear of someone with a food allergy, be mindful not to judge the grain as being the culprit.

It would be a wiser approach to take a closer look at the way the grain is being grown and the additives used in the production of the finished and appealingly packaged product.

With that in mind, always remember…

If you can build a reactive allergy up then by the Law of Polarity you can also actively bring an allergy down.

There are many ways and avenues available to us to help us return to a point of balance and an open eye and open mind is always the first avenue of response.

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