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The Best of Times – A Balancing Act


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Using your time wisely

How many of us truly give ourselves the best of what time can offer?

Especially considering our time on this planet in the big scheme of things is very short.

Then you could query, what is the best thing to do with our time? Achieve this and acquire that is the common theme played throughout history.

But what if our time on this planet is all about us?

You know your time on the planet is all about “you” and my time on the planet is all about “me” and visa versa!

Not so much of what we can acquire as of “outside of ourselves” sort of stuff.

It is the focusing on “me” that is the most beneficial thing i can imagine to do to help others.

For example… If you were to ask me what hand i favoured i would say my right hand.

And like most of us, there’s generally a predominant side we all use quite unconsciously.

So with that in mind, it’s interesting that when faced with a challenge (let’s say chopping up twigs and sticks with a pair of secateurs in the garden), as i’m right handed, i unconsciously start chopping with my right hand.

As i’m very practiced at using my right hand, one can assume my task at hand will be achieved much quicker and things will be much better using my right hand as opposed to my left hand.

But is achieving “quicker” in my best interest?

What if there’s an unperceived benefit i don’t know about simply by being able to use my left hand as effectively to chop twigs as i can with my right.

Being conscious/aware of this imbalance at this moment of time, i swap hands with the thought of strengthening up the left hand.

Unfortunately within a very short space of time, the action of cutting up twigs in the garden that “was” a relaxing endeavour is no longer and i feel frustration saying “hello”.

Hence i unconsciously swap hands again to the stronger side.

And alas, the opportunity is left stranded and left behind (both physically and spiritually) until such time that i regain clarity and pull my focus back into the improvement-of-the-self and consciously accept that being quicker maybe be a fruitless expenditure of my time.

Because you don’t know what you don’t know!

Maybe it is returning our conscious awareness to what we ‘judge’ the “lesser” or what is deemed the weaker side, that we acknowledge a greater aspect of what and “who” we are!

Maybe the only reason there is lesser is because of our “lack” of conscious awareness!

Maybe by that acknowledgement alone and by using my left hand to cut these twigs (starting with smaller amounts so no undue stress is placed on un-exercised tissue), it brings the left hand side up to the right thereby allowing equality to the body and that in turn, lifts my body up as a whole.

And by consciously registering, i have nothing other than time for myself and not getting caught up in the quicker (that is i have no time), i lift myself up spiritually which in turn lifts us all up because the truth is… all we have is time.

It is by being more connected to yourself and embracing the time offered to you that greater resources can come into view and hence open the possibility of greater vision, scope and enthusiasm.

And from this lifted outlook and understanding comes the offering and most importantly, the opportunity to give to others.  

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