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The Benefits of Linseed


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Linseed’s (flaxseed) contain an enormous amount of essential fatty acids. The rich sources of omega oils that linseed’s are blessed with help keep your body lubricated.

The anti-oxidant qualities help stimulate the healing and regenerative functions of the body.

From a Ayurvedic perspective, the seeds are considered a warming food, yet both internally and externally, they promote an anti-inflammatory environment.

Soak some seeds and feel the glug between your fingers.

Then when you’re eating them, imagine the same lubricating texture dissolving the tightness and rigidity in your muscle and joints as the oils lubricate and nourish your small and large intestines!

Its very GOOD!

This makes the inclusion of linseed’s into the diet for the athlete or anyone who places extra compression upon the ligaments, those of us who experience inflammation and stiffness of the joints or anyone who has abdominal issues including slow and sluggish bowel movements a must.

A health tonic

The mountain folk in the deep of Russia use linseed’s as a health tonic for the kidneys.

The theory is, if you can keep your kidneys functioning efficiently, the high levels of energy conversion within the body can be maintained for optimum health.

As a preserving agent, linseed oil has and still is used to protect and preserve wood for hundreds, even thousands of years.

Your made of the same the tree is so imagine what it can and will do, for your skin, bones and organs!

With the oils and the natural laxative qualities that natural oils have, the raw roughage of the linseed has a soothing effect on both the stomach and the intestines.


You will need two small jars with lids that seal.

Using a ratio of…

  • 1 part linseeds
  • 3 parts water
  • Place your measured linseed’s and the required water into your first clean jar.
  • Closing the jar, put your linseed’s in the fridge to soak (for a day or overnight) so your bounty will be ready next day.

As the linseed’s soak they will expand, and the surrounding water will become jelly-like as the natural health-supporting oils are released.

This is a real jewel for your body’s vitality.

Add one or two tablespoons (or whatever you desire) as a topping to your cereal, porridge etc..

Its feels good in the body when eaten with stewed fruit. Yum!!!

For a continuous supply, repeat the process in the 2nd jar when the 1st jar is a day away from empty.

Remember the linseed’s swell and expand to about three times their original size.

Generally 2 or 3 tablespoons of dry linseed’s will provide enough soaked linseed’s for a day or two.

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