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How to Use your Heavy Metal Test Kit


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Heavy Metal Test Kits are a useful diagnostic tool

If you are investigating possible causes, contributors, reasons for the presence of ill health, fatigue, stress, disease, check your urine first.

Heavy metal test kits are a home-based testing medium for exposing what cannot be seen by the naked eye in liquid solutions.

These kits can be used to test urine, saliva, water, foods, paint, makeup and many more uses including both industrial and agricultural conditions and environments for the presence of ionic Lead, Copper, Cadmium, Mercury and Zinc.

How accurate are the Heavy Metal Test Kits?

Answer: They are highly accurate in their inaccuracy.

The only true way to accurately know what the exact amount of contaminants there are floating and being stored within the body is to carbonise the body and that’s not a viable option.

As with hair analysis, the results these test kits will give you are only indicative of “what was being sequestered/removed from the body at that given time.”

If your heavy metal test comes back positive after checking your urine for example, that’s only what the body is excreting and removing from the blood via the urine.

This is because toxins are not stored in the blood of the body. Toxins are stored in the fat, bone and lymphatic system so as to minimise the “exposure of toxins” to the vital organs.

So basically, if your test comes back positive, your measuring what’s in your blood/urine at that given time with the results not being indicative of the toxins stored in the fat, bone and lymphatic system.

Also the tests will only show the toxin with the highest concentration levels being excreted at that given time.

So if your test came back positive for lead for instance, you may still have considerable levels of mercury in your system but the test won’t show it because there’s more lead than mercury.

Does each test tube supplied test for all the listed ionic metals?

Yes… each of the EIGHT (8) test tubes supplied already has the Dithizone in it.

Once you add the reacting agent, each test will check for the presence of ionic lead, copper, cadmium, mercury and zinc.

Why test yourself?

Knowing your body is basically made of water is a big reason!

If you’re experiencing any form of illness/dis-ease, one must first realise that if your waters are burdened with toxins, your body is not as it’s designed to be.

Thus the chances are your body will be in a sort of “protective mode”, unable to break free from heaviness.

Yet health and vitality only thrive in clean nutrient-rich filtered water.

How much are the tests?

About $6.00 a test including postage with a pack of eight (8) checking the whole family children and all.

They’re also a good dinner party conversation piece as well.

Directions for use

  1. Remove test tube cap and add 0.5ml (approx) of testing reagent into your test tube and replace cap
  2. Replace the cap and shake the test tube vigorously for about 30 seconds to effect dissolution of Dithizone in the reacting agent.
  3. Invert the test tube and let it stand using the cap as the base for another 30 seconds.
  4. The solution should now be green and fresh and ready for use.
  5. Remove the test tube cap, pick up approximately 2-3mL of testing sample from the sample cup using a clean pipette and add it to the test tube.
  6. Shake vigorously for about 5 seconds, then place the test tube into one of the support holes in the stand provided and allow for the solution to separate.
  7. Read the top layer and compare it with the chart provided.
  8. If colour stays green, no ionic metals this test will expose have been detected.

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