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How Does Liquid Zeolite Work?


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It’s easy to insist upon scientific evidence when it comes to the workings of the human body but one must wonder if the field of science we are insisting upon is the most appropriate for what we wish to understand.

Take for example… How Does Liquid Zeolite Work?

For that answer there is a myriad of scientific studies, reasons and conclusions that range from zeolites naturally occurring negative charge, to clinoptilolites honey comb structure.

When people ask me to explain how Activated Liquid Zeolite works, of course i make reference to the studies and the scientific data, though i also seek to bring a new science into the realm of the zeolites.

And that new science is the science of visualisation.

So let us use our imagination!

We hear it everyday.

Your body, my body, everybody’s body is made of water.

About 75-80% seems to be the accepted percentage amount.

Imagine then, that this 75 80% of water that makes up your body is the same water that fills up a large fish tank.

And living within this fish tank (particularly when it was new and the water was clean), housed a very happy fish called you.

Well as you might have guessed, things have changed on planet Earth.

The water we drink

Today the water we drink doesn’t come to us as fresh as a daisy so to speak as it dribbles out of a mountain spring.

The water we drink now comes to us from stagnating storehouses called dams that have been filled by water ways that carry all sorts of gunk downstream.

Once this stored water is treated with chlorine and goodness knows what else, it is then delivered to us in plastic pipes that are more than likely manufactured using lead or copper pipes soldered together with lead additives.

And just to add a little more gloominess to the light of the day, in today’s world there are more chances than not, that the food we eat has at some stage of its growing cycle had toxic residue fall on it from the sky not to mention the poisoned water we water our crops with.

As you can see, things have changed on planet earth!

All we can do is maintain our sanity and deal with the situation as best we can, because it is we as a family (the human family), that have created this problem.

What can you do about it? Gain knowledge and change the way you do things and take the blinkers off!

Is there a safe level of heavy metal exposure?

All anatomical evidence gathered throughout the centuries up until now, clearly shows that your body’s filtration system was designed to filter, in a non-poisonous environment, the everyday effects of what you eat, drink and breathe.

Evidence shows that your body’s filtration system wasn’t designed to filter heavy metals, pesticides, hormones and chemicals etc..

If it was designed to handle poisonous burdens, then why is disease and illness increasing like a world wide pandemic with such ferocity?

Not that the World Health Organisation has much credibility these days, but they do say…

“At least 90% of all Chronic Diseases can be attributed to environmental pollution. Heavy metals were reported to be the major source for the production of free radicals as well as undermining the internal environment and body chemistry. Heavy metals can very well reduce the efficacy of medical treatment by up to 60%. There is little hope for antioxidants and mineral supplements, if the body is burdened with heavy metals”.

What’s the first thing I should check?

Its a good question and it’s not rocket science!

All these added poisons are literally poisoning your body’s, my body’s, everybody’s body’s water, and turning your body’s beautiful clean water into a green, poisoned, oxygen deprived sludge.

And you’re the fish living in that muck!

Why on earth society accepts the shaded pretense that giving the fish antibiotics and steroids and similar concoctions to fix the disease and illness of what really is a dirty water problem, is beyond me.

Surely it makes sense to first check the health of what is your body’s biggest ingredient.

Surely you would check to see if your bodies water is poisoned or acidic!

Check your hydration levels, check your pH levels, and gain knowledge about your body’s water filters.

What does big industry use to clean water?

Ask your local council water man what they use in their filtration stations and the answer will inevitably come up zeolite.

Ask your pool shop owner what the best water filters are made with and yep, zeolite.

Its been used for eons as a water filter and medicinally.

When ground zeolite is ingested as a powder with water, its been used to help heal gut problems.

This is more than likely due to zeolites ability to absorb toxins and mucus.

And where do toxins and mucus love to inhabit?

That’s right… Death begins in the colon!

Even the animal industries both commercial and small use zeolite as an additive to the foods the critters eat.

Helps keep the critters healthy it does!

You see basically, zeolite cleans water and it cleans water really well.

Add a touch of technology and create processes that literally clean ALL the contaminants that have already been trapped in the zeolite cage (thereby making the zeolite cage empty so it has lots and lots of room to trap toxins that are present in your body).

Micronise it so its so small so it can be absorbed into your blood stream because for it must be absorbed into your blood stream to have any potent cleansing effect on the lymphatic/glandular system.

And whats the biggest ingredient of your blood?

Yep water!

Then you have at your disposal and very powerful tool to help you overcome the toxic onslaught of modern day life.

Once your body’s water is cleaned and kept clean, all your body is left to do is what its designed to do grow, regenerate and heal!

Thus the end result of this science by visualization exercise is zeolite works by filtration.

It cleans your body’s water.

Once all your body’s water is filtered and cleaned, you’ll be well on your way and return, to being a happy fishy, living a beautiful life in beautiful clean water. Enjoy 🙂

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