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Heavy Metal Test Shows High Levels of Zinc


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I tested my urine with the Heavy Metal Test Kit and the result showed I was high in zinc. Is this bad?

Living a healthy life requires the fitting of an equally healthy body, and a healthy body is reliant on small amounts of organic heavy metals.

These heavy metals are nutritionally essential and are termed trace elements.

Zinc, iron, copper and manganese are metals that fall into this category.

These nutritionally essential elements are transported naturally in trace form in foods such as vegetables and fruit.

Zinc is a very common substance and hence, being over-exposed to zinc is very easy.

Many foodstuffs contain certain concentrations of zinc and drinking water also contains certain amounts of zinc (which may be even higher when water is stored in metal tanks and collected from a metal roof).

Some adverse health effects of zinc, in particular ionic zinc when one has been over exposed to it can be:

  • Stomach cramps
  • Skin irritations
  • Vomiting, nausea, anaemia
  • Arteriosclerosis
  • Respiratory disorders

What happens when we have heavy metals in us?

In its organic state, the human body is not designed to have heavy metals accumulate within the body’s tissue.

If this wasn’t the case your body wouldn’t do everything it can to remove these pollutants from the body.

When we test our urine with the Heavy Metal Test Kit and we find we’ve become overly-exposed to metals such as zinc, these metals (as is the same for all metals) will accumulate within the body and seek out electrons (due to their unstable nature) to form bonds and hence compounds.

Once these electrons are dislodged, ionic zinc is then formed and a chain reaction is then created as the ionic zinc seeks to be satisfied again with electrons from other stable molecules.

The seeking of 2 electrons from one ionic metal can produce two free radicals and they in turn 4, going up exponentially and hence an avalanche of free radicals in our body.

Keep in mind it’s no secret that free radicals contribute to the ultimate cause of cancer in organic matter… the human body is a classic case of living organic matter.

Once the intuition kicks in and we get “wise to what’s going on”, we point our focus to the “negating of this oxidisation”, and rendering these harmful radicals, powerless.

It is by the ingesting of antioxidants that we can begin to negate these free radicals thereby making them harmless as opposed to harmful within our bodies.

And just to kick-start your memory, without a doubt, the most powerful of all antioxidants is what Grandma has been telling you for eons to eat.

The most powerful antioxidants are found in RAW GREEN VEGETABLES and fruit.

Grandma knows best… always eat your greens!

Illness & suffering

Even though we relate illness to the suffering of the physical body, the essence of illness can effect all our body’s both negatively and positively.

Our physical body, emotional, mental, our spiritual body.

If you think, let’s say cancer, you generally think suffering.

But ask anyone experiencing the negative effects of cancer and you will find in the vast majority of cases a positive outcome is felt if the opportunity is embraced.

Through experiencing the negative effects illness we become aware of our pain.

And that if embraced, opens the door for empathy with other people who are suffering and in need.

This opens the self up to self-healing and with the gaining of healing knowledge.

That is to say, we seek out natural healers, naturopaths, homeopaths, we ask questions, we seek answers, we eat more greens, we teach ourselves to drink more living water, we familiarise ourselves with hydration… we understand the body easily becomes dehydrated but it’s a slow process to re-hydration.

And from the negative experience of cancer is born the positive aspect of cancer… the gaining of knowledge in the management of self-healing.

Heal thyself people!!! 

As the old adage states, “Through physical crisis comes the awakening of the soul”.

So in conclusion, to minimise the effects of de-generation within your body and turn it around to a re-generating body, include a high amount of raw greens in your diet; and it is absolutely necessary to remove poisons from within the body.

Ionic metals are a toxin to your body!

The only safe level of ionic metals in the body is zero!

The only safe level of heavy metals and poisons in the body is zero!

So removing any ionic metals and poisons that have accumulated within the body is essential thereby negating the very creation of free radicals and illness in the present and later years.

What would i use to remove ionic metals and poisons from my body?

That’s easy Daily Detox Activated Liquid Zeolite.

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