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NuStems Youth Juice

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NuStems should really be called youth juice

After 16 weeks on the NuStems, the skin sores that wouldn’t heal for many years are now well and truly healing.

And no more chronic itch and the bleeding has stopped!

i’m physically stronger and am experiencing muscle growth that i haven’t been able to achieve since i broke my back at the age of 35 in 2001.

My gastrointestinal function has improved so much that quite honestly i didn’t know there was an issue.

My skin is glowing and even my eyes have a glimpse of sparkle in them.

After nine bottles of the liquid and half way through the second bottle of powder, the biggest words that come to mind are grateful and thankful.

There’s been no blood spots on my pillow from either sore on my nose nor on the sheets from the sores on my shoulders for months.

Had i known my body was acutely boron deficient i would have sought out a compound chemist years ago!

It’s a travesty inflicted on we the people that boron is regulated and made difficult to access.

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i’ve heard the testimonies from so many people who have experienced similar healing and regeneration just different.

We all have our own path to walk!

If you’re stumped with your health i can fully recommend you give a course of the NuStems a go.

Here’s a link to a published study…


Boron has been shown in Scientific Studies around the globe to be an essential mineral that may help in the restoration of health in the following ailments.

  • Arthritis (Magnesium and Calcium cannot be utilised efficiently without Boron)
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis (A parasitic disease that attacks joints, along with other parasites in the body)
  • Stem Cell Matrix (Essential for the base a stem cell grows on)
  • Stem Cell Signalling (Communication is blocked without boron to transmit these signals)
  • Estrogens Production (Menopause symptoms are drastically reduced and balances the hormones)
  • Osteoporosis (Stops the Calcium dump into the blood stream and regulates the bone strength)
  • Vitamin D Absorption (Vit D is not easily absorbed without Boron to regulate the Enzymes)
  • Testosterone (Hormone production for muscle growth and proven to reduce PSA to normal)
  • Breast and Prostate Cancers (Shrunk in numerous studies)
  • Brain Function and Cognition (Boron essential in the correct growth of brain cells)
  • Increases Hormone Production (Type II D.M., Steroid production, and more)
  • Increases NAD+ Production (found to increases the binding of two NAD with Boro-esters)
  • Increased Immune Function (found to be an immune regulator)
  • Reduced Inflammation (found to reduce chronic inflammation from cytokine excessive production)

Like i said, nine bottles of the liquid and two of the powder and i’m not stopping.

My ability to achieve my chosen mission before i leave this planet requires a strong and vital body.

NuStems has returned that to me and more…

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