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Zeolite – A Spiritual View


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The earths crust is vibrational – it feels as do humans.

When too much toxicity is experienced its vibrations become dense.

The minerals and crystals help to maintain a vibrational balance.

However even their energy becomes depleted when exposed to too much toxicity and so it is that humans that are spiritually aware are able to send light and love vibrations to the Earth to help address this imbalance.

The mineral, Zeolite will be utilised for the clean-up campaign.

You can help with this process by making light workers aware of this mineral and its purpose.

You have all the information you need in your memory – just call it up.

Trust the process and do not fear.

The Earth needs all the help she can get in her time of transition.

We will guide you and direct you.

It is so – so it is. Blessings be Adonai (Beings of Light)

Zeolites Message

I AM in this world to bring balance.

The Earth is in sore need of this balance now.

Because of my properties I am able to hold and contain that which is negative to the earth’s ascension process and I can also hold, store and release when appropriate that which is needed for nutriment.

I welcome the opportunity to serve the Earth and consequently those on Earth.

Ask people to place me in surrounding where nourishment is needed.

Then suggest that they program me with love and light.

I will then store this love and light and release it at appropriate times as needed.

When building houses I can be used in the concrete mix for flooring. I will do many things this way.

Firstly I will draw to me the negative emotionality and store it at the base leaving the air around clean and uncontaminated.

Also I can absorb moisture so that when conditions are damp I can have a drying effect.

My moisture retention rate will depend on the atmosphere around.

If conditions become unusually dry than I can release some of the stored moisture into the atmosphere and so make conditions more favorable.

I can tell the time – the time and seasons as nature knows it – not the man-made time.

It is now time for me to be used to help clean up the earth.

I will relay further information as time goes by and as man’s consciousness and understanding develops. That’s it! – Blessings.

Zeolites: 7th chakra

Zeolites are said to remove negative energy and bring in happiness where the negative energy was.

Zeolite is a wonderful crystal to enhance psychic knowing, guidance and direction.

Brings us information about the soul, soul structure and spiritual realities.

Some like to use it to eliminate those relationships which are not healthy for us.

Also used to protect oneself from entities.

Clinoptilolite is part of a group of zeolites called Heulandites.

Heulandites crystallize in the form of granular masses, globular shapes, and trapezoidal crystals.

It allows us to see and appreciate both old and new, allowing us to take our knowledge from both and do what is best!

It helps us to rid ourselves of ideas and conditions that are distressing, allowing us to release the bonds of custom, privilege, condescension, conceit and jealousy.

It is also said to disperse growths and aid us in reducing weight.

It is also used for treating shortness of breath and foot disorders.

It is said to help treat loss of taste, laryngitis and brain disorders.

Also an antioxidant to combat poisoning.

Arises in pale pink, grey or white.

Pink assists loving creative energy, acceptance and letting go.

It is also a great de-toxifier for the body.

Heulandites allows us to understand that all limits are in the mind.

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