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Where Does the Body Store Heavy Metals?


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Most of the people working in the western world are exposed to environmental toxins every day.

We breathe it in, soak it in and in some cases swallow it in.

If these toxins are not automatically removed from the body, where are they stored?

It’s a good question and to the best of scientific research, the body does everything it can to remove what the body classifies as toxic from its life stream… the blood.

It does this via the four channels of excretion…

  • Respiration
  • Perspiration
  • Urination and
  • Defecation.

All of these processes require a continuous supply of water.

Not just the water you drink, but the water your body has already absorbed at the cellular level.

Again it’s from the blood stream!

Toxins that are not easily water soluable are harder for the body to eliminate.

For example… Imagine putting a lead sinker in a glass of water and stirring until hopefully it’s fully dissolved/suspended in the water.

You could stir that water with a lead sinker in it for hundreds of years and show very little progress.

The reason being is lead isn’t water soluble.

It can’t stay in the blood stream because it’s toxic to the body.

The body knows it’s toxic so to protect the vital organs (they’re not called “vital” for no apparent reason) it moves these toxins out of the water stream and stores them in the carbon banks.

The gross physical body!

That is why greater concentrations of toxic material can be found in…

  • the fat
  • the lymphatic system
  • and the bone.

It is these storage facilities that is one of the main reasons why in my opinion, the breast and the prostate gland are so commonly diagnosed with dis-ease.

This is not by any means taking this subject matter lightly.

Sometimes looking at what could be regarded as a very complex matter in a rather simplistic way can sometimes make greater sense and embody the highest truth for greater benefit.

Keeping it really simple, ask yourself…

What’s the breast predominately made of?

That’s right… the breast is predominately made of FAT!

And whats sits right next to the breast tissue?

Those lymph nodes that are positioned under the arm pit.

What surrounds the prostate gland?

That’s right… abdominal FAT!

And what sits right next to the prostate?

Those little ol’ lymph nodes that are positioned around the groin.

That’s why exercise is so good for you in the right balance.

Physical movement helps flush the lymph nodes out, stimulates and moves the fat and the compressive action of movement upon the bones draws fluid exchange up and down the spinal canal.

Another reason why the body store toxins away from the blood stream is the delicate balance of the blood pH levels (toxins being acidic).

It’s pretty well recognised that for you and i to live vitally, our blood must maintain an alkaline pH balance and be clean and free of waste.

Image the backyard pool.

If it wasn’t sparkling clean you would certainly question yourself as to whether bathing in toxic looking water is advantageous to your health.

Why Daily Detox

Daily Detox is made from cleansed & micronised clinoptilolite (zeolite).

Zeolite’s main use in our world is as a water purifying agent.

It traps toxins and can bind to a hydrogen ion to be transported out the of the body via the four channels of excretion.

You may well ask how long does it take to remove all the heavy metals from my body.

The real answer to that is how long is a piece of string.

When you consider some of us have been accumulating toxins the fat, bone and lymphatic system for decades and more, does it really matter how long it’s going to take!

What i believe really matters is how do i feel!

What’s my energy levels like?

How do i feel in my body? 

There was some trials done on the efficacy of zeolites to remove heavy metals but they do state this was from the circulatory blood.

It didn’t mention fat, bone and lymphatic levels.

The Daily Detox is a great gift to all of us and get your children (if you have any) and friends and family onto it.

We all deserve to live in a body free from the effects of toxic burden caused by our mis-use of the environment.  

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