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Regenerate with Iodine, Selenium and Magnesium

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Iodine, Selenium & Magnesium

With so many published scientific studies confirming the long list of health benefits the elements iodineselenium and magnesium provide, it’s no wonder they’re up there as nature’s essentials for health and regeneration.

On the physical level, it’s little wonder why living next to the beach has so many health benefits. Held in the ocean air, atomised goodies can be found in abundant supply and readily transported in vapourised form.

One could well imagine a mist-of-goodness just floating above the ocean water surface that includes trace amounts of these goodies including iodine, selenium and magnesium.

When you breathe this nutrient-rich almost invisible mist into your lungs, it can be absorbed straight into your blood stream and distributed throughout your body and from there what ensues is the feeling of vitality.

For it would be difficult to explain to anyone how walking on the beach doesn’t provide an uplifting experience both on the physical, mental and emotional levels.

Speaking for oneself and based on decades of experience and observation, to say the vast majority of humans (and dogs for that matter) who are exposed to the air coming off the ocean express a very noticeable presence of vitalness is a surety!

Sure there may well be many factors that help this feeling of upliftment, be they the earthing effect, the sound of the waves or just being immersed in nature, but the positive effects are very noticeable, tangible and very real.

Goodness within the sea vegetable

In days gone by, if you looked at cultures that lived within close proximity to the ocean, you’ll find the diet of these cultures generally included the most abundant of the green leafy vegetables found on the planet… kelp!

People were said to have lived well over a hundred years quite vibrantly and productively.

Maybe the reason for this is found in the rich amounts of iodine, selenium and magnesium found in the elemental makeup of kelp.

What is interesting to note in these cultures that were known to regularly consume kelp on a daily basis, is the three inherent diseases found within the Earth (that being cancer, tuberculosis and syphilis) were not readily known as the leading cause of death.

War and famine maybe, but certainly not what we experience in today’s world with regard to human and planetary health.

Take for instance the thyroid gland.

It is well recognised that iodine plays a major role in all aspects of thyroid health.

Then there’s the relationship between the thyroid gland and the reproductive organs, the ovaries and testes.

That iodine plays a major role in the maintenance, repair and rebuilding of health within the organic body is very well recognised.

When it comes to the health of the digestive system and the organs utilised for the removal of toxins from the body, again, iodine, selenium and magnesium are regularly mentioned in most if not all nutritional journals based on scientific analysis and observation.

Healthy blood builds healthy body’s

The only way to a healthy body is by building healthy blood.  Blood is life! 

As iodine is a water purifier and the predominant ingredient that makes up blood is water, the inclusion of iodine into your supplement regime is a necessity.

Vibrant health is reliant upon clean water.

Then there’s the selenium!  Researchers believe selenium is responsible for the production of an enzyme that breaks down excess estrogen in our system.

This enzyme or Estrogen Sulfotransferase is said to be critical for thyroid health and function, as well as preventing an imbalance in progesterone and estrogen.

This may be one of the reasons why iodine and selenium are said to balance the glandular systems hormone production.

What about the high magnesium content found in kelp?

Magnesium is to your body like the Sun is to the Earth.

For without the sun there would be little growth and lots of crystalisation.

Same thing with magnesium.

It’s an element of light.

The only bother is magnesium is it’s known to be difficult to absorb internally particularly when taken in pill or tablet form

In the most readily available form, as a liquid or even better as a liquid colloid, even then large amounts taken internally can cause minor bowel upset. 

This is why applying magnesium colloid directly onto the skin or what is called “transdermal” application is such a wonderful treat to give yourself and receive.

You can provide your body with so much more via your skin.

Based on decades of experience, we do suggest using the magnesium colloid that is also for internal use over the widely know magnesium oil.

There is a considerable difference in the absorption levels and after effects using magnesium in colloidal form.

What is a “colloid”?

The word colloid comes from a Greek word meaning glue.  Going from bigger to smaller, it is from the atom: to the molecule: to the colloid.

So if you looked at an atom under a microscope, it would be a thousand times larger than a colloid.

When you consider the red blood cell is 7 microns… a colloidal mineral particle is 0.01 micron or less. That is 1/7000th the size of a red blood cell.

Trace minerals in concentrated colloidal suspension are very small particles suspended in a liquid base, making them easily absorbed by your body.

The Fulhealth range of colloids will supply your body with bio-available elemental nutrients.

With it being estimated that absorption of a mineral or element in colloidal suspension can be up to 98%, this makes the inclusion of colloidal iodine, selenium and magnesium a most useful practice for the rebuilding of your body. 

Where do I get clean, nutrient rich kelp these days?

Good question… if you do find a good source, please let us know.

What with the ocean waters being polluted with petroleum, plastics and now radiation, things aren’t looking good for natural earth grown sources of kelp.

That’s why supplementing your intake with elements in colloidal form is now a necessity not a luxury!

To learn more about magnesium (and a great way to apply it), iodine (the most powerful water purifier (your body’s made up primarily of water), and selenium (an antioxidant and wellness trigger), click on the Related Products below.

It’s all very useful information!

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