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Occupational Exposure to Heavy Metals


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Heavy metal exposure in the work place represents a constant health threat not through single large doses, but through constant incremental exposure.

Implicated in everything from an increased risk of Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular disease to mental retardation and cancer, heavy metal exposure is a big problem.

In a comprehensive and somewhat alarming study, the Environmental Working Group discovered that the average person does not need to spend years being exposed to environmental pollutants to be affected.

In fact, they found that toxicity can be found within the womb in unborn children.Unlike previously thought, the placenta apparently does not protect the developing fetus from toxins and pollutants.

The three most familiar heavy metals that are noted to be slowly but surely poisoning us are mercury, aluminum and lead.

It seems to be a crazy world we live in when serving others and earning our keep literally exposes us to toxins and poisons that literally kill us.

I’m sure the asbestos workers would have done something about it if they had had the knowledge of what hidden dangers were lurking around them in such close proximity.

What of the kind hearted people who look after our teeth? The young girls who are hired as dental assistance breathing in vapourised mercury every day they help remove an amalgam filling!

When I was at school many years ago none of my friends had autism, ADD or hyperactivity. Now it’s as common as flies!

The mechanic who keeps your pride of joy purring at the traffic lights so you can roar down the highway is absorbing dioxins and petroleum based substances in through the biggest absorber of substance in the body; the skin.

What about the plumber who uses lead based solders so you can have free running water at the sink 24 hours a day?

Can we escape the craziness?

Not without a total change in the way we all think and all of us accepting our own quota of responsibility. We can minimise the burden on our bodies though.

The knowledge of what, where and how is readily at hand and the tools and products are available.

Below is a basic list of toxins we are exposed to in our everyday lives and some jobs and household products that expose us to them.

At least with eyes open we may just miss that bump in the road that has the potential to dramatically shorten our lives or at least lead us down the pain path.

  • Mercury: Dental techs, dentists, petroleum workers, gold miners, medical technologists, sugar cane workers, concrete workers, bricklayers
  • Copper: Plumbers, electricians, petroleum industry workers, Fertiliser/Pesticide exposure
  • Cadmium: Mechanics, tyre fitters, welders, plumbers, carpet layers, jewellers, toy industry, plastic industry
  • Arsenic: Gold miners, metallurgists, landscape workers, carpenters, builders, brickies, bore drillers, concrete workers
  • Lead: Mechanics, plumbers, welders, petroleum workers, painters, renovators, lead lighting, fishermen
  • Aluminium: Plumbers, ducting installers, aircraft workers, welders, miners and refinery workers

Exposure to Heavy Metals as You Live Your Life

  • Copper – food, water, supplements (over 100g)
  • Cadmium – cigarettes, food, water, household items, toys
  • Lead – water, makeup, household items, petrol, paints, PVC pipes
  • Mercury – fish, fillings, vaccines, flourescent lighting, car interiors (upholstery) – always open your windows before you sit in a hot car!!!
  • Aluminium – anti-perspirants, cookware, aluminium foil, bleached flour, regional water supplies, Antacids
  • Arsenic – water, playgrounds, termite treatments, treated pine
  • Berylium – light switches, fillings, copper pipes
  • Antimony – makeup, fabrics, printing, ink, paints

What can you do about it?

Daily Detox Liquid Zeolite is what you can do about it!

Zeolites have large open spaces or cages in their structures that form channels, and these channels allow the easy movement of ions and molecules into and out of the structure.

This ability puts zeolites in the class of materials known as “molecular sieves.”

The zeolite is absorbed into the blood stream via the small intestine and attracts and traps small, highly-charged particles that fit into the pores and channels of the zeolite cage.

This includes heavy metal toxins.

Zeolite can remove mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic and other heavy metals.

Your Exposure to Mercury

Your Exposure to Cadmium & Arsenic

Your Exposure to Lead & Aluminum

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