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Lower Back & Sciatica Pain


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How To Get Instant Relief From Lower Back & Sciatic Pain

Lower back pain can vary from uncomfortable to extreme agony.

The loss of productive time that is consumed by being in a damaged state is costly physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially.

As with all pain in the body, the remedy can be found within realm of relaxation!

Promoting breath awareness, neural connection and bringing light into darkness in its essence is simple!

But relaxing, connecting and filling your body up with light when your body is in pain is not.

And this is where what i call BioEnergetic movements can bring great relief and promote mobility again

The technique i share with you in the video below is a well tried and much loved practice that has brought relief from lower back and sciatic pain for a lot of people

Remember, rest your back on warmth!

A rug, a blanket, something on the floor you practice on so you’re comfortable.

That way you can fully focus on the lowering and bringing up of your knees helping your groin to relax and open.

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The flatter the surface you rest on the better

Keeping your spine and hip bones at the same height is the best position for this technique.

You can do it in bed (on a mattress) for emergency situations and still receive great benefit.

But ultimately the flatter the surface the easier it is to re-align, support and feel your sacral bone and lower lumber vetebrae.

The lower back and buttocks region is home to where the spinal nerve branches out to go down the legs through what is called the illiosacral holes located on your sacrum.

As your knees are SLOWLY coming up and down, focus on lifting up your abdomen on your IN-breath and the lowering of your abdomen on your OUT-breath.

Image the green bamboo stick between your knees so you can feel the resistance between your knees particularly as your knees are on the upward stroke.

  • Relax your eyes
  • Relax your tongue
  • Relax the back of your neck
  • Relax your bum!

As with all pain, including lower back pain and sciatic pain, the body’s natural response is to tense up!

Your job if you so choose to accept your mission of resurrection and regeneration is to relax!

Relax, breathe and let your legs shake.

The more they shake the better you’ll feel.

Like an over-pressurised tank letting off steam to restore balance.

i wish you well.

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