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How To Use A Tube To Repair Your Body


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 there is one injury that will stop a walker walking or a runner running it is damaged hips, knees, ankles and feet.

Sore knees, tight thighs, stressed hammy’s, rigid or strained calf muscles, shin splints, achilles tendon issues to name a few ailments can be very easily relieved without the need of having to go to someone else to address our problem.

Ask anyone who has endured sustained soreness and they will tell you it takes time to heal.

And that is quite correct.

It takes time! But the most important time aspect to remember is your time, not somebody else’s time.

You lying on a table and parting with your cash is but a fragment of the picture. i’m not saying there’s no place for skilled healers (i have been treating for decades and consider myself very knowledgeable & skillful ), what i’m saying is there is always room for education so we the people have the knowledge to help heal ourselves.

You are your own safety officer!

And one technique you can use works a treat and requires you to use the most unlikely apparatus… the tube!

The Tube

Pictured is an internal cardboard tube made from architects paper.

You can use…

  • a pvc water pipe,
  • a thick piece of dowel
  • electrical pipe
  • even rolled up newspaper will suffice if you roll it up tight enough.

A good diameter is 40mm to 60mm in width x 600mm to 800mm in length, depending on your height and the diameter of your legs.

The only prerequisite is that whatever you use, it doesn’t have much, if any, give in it.

The reason for this is that the tube needs to support and be introduced into the muscle tissue using the compressive energy to stimulate the area and create much needed movement in and around the tissue to stimulate oxygen-rich healing fluid called blood to flow.

As the ancient adage states, “Blood is Life!”

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