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How to Replace the UltraStream Water Filter


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Whether you’re replacing the UltraStream filter cartridge on a bench top model or if your UltraStream is under the sink, the process is still relatively the same.

The only exception you may encounter is…

  • With the Silver/Black model the stainless steel sleeve also needs to be removed
  • And with the undersink kit, the small gray John Guest fitting also needs to be removed.

Our suggestion as is shown in the video is to place a tea towel under the top of the filter cartridge so as to minimse water spillage.

All in all the process is simple with the benefits received being clean filtered alkaline and hydrogen rich water that is extremely cost effective and tastes great.

The UltraStream… it’s more than just a water filter!

Step by step guide

  1. Pull off the cap and spout
  2. Slide off the stainless steel sleeve (Stainless Steel version only)
  3. To give more grip put the UltraStream on its side and take off the base plate off the base
  4. Grip the base and turn the filter anti-clockwise to unscrew the filter.
  5. Slide on stainless steel sleeve on new filter (Stainless Steel version only)
  6. Put the new filter on the base and evenly screw the filter on clock-wise (don’t over tighten)
  7. Replace the cap, spout
  8. Flush the new filter for 10 minutes on a low flow rate. 9.
  9. To reinstall the filter reverse the steps.

Please note… You may note we don’t replace the base plate.

The reason for this is once you’ve set up the flow rate when you first set up your UltraStream, it’s set and forget.

If you keep the base plate on, every time someone moves the UltraStream the flow rate can very easily be changed/altered.

By removing the base plate, you minimise the chances of people/children who are unaware that moving the filter unit can change your preferred/chosen flow rate.

Of course if you choose to, keep the base plate on.

Ours is just a suggestion 🙂

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