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Healing the Knee


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Heal & Restore Knee Mobility With Pat Cash

One of the most common injuries many of us experience at some time (be you a walker, runner, sportsman or not) is the straining of the knee.

The knee is one of the greatest designed multi-facetted hinge ever.

Big call but the design is pretty impressive!

Supported by big strong muscles and ligaments, the majority of the time when the knee is giving us a bit of grief, it’s not the big muscles, it’s the little one’s that generally blow out.

Take for instance the monkey muscle (the popliteus muscle).

Hence its name, it can be an injury that hangs on; just like a monkey does.

The term runners knee can be greatly attributed to this small muscle, and it takes a skilled and sensitive healer to discern what is happening within the muscle in and around the knee.

Add to that the cruciate ligaments, the fibular collateral ligament; throw in a few tendons and add to that the impact and loads that repetitively are placed on the knees, it is little wonder why pain and discomfort is sometimes felt in and around the knee.

Yet there is a way to ease the load.

All we have to do is release the grip on our physical constriction, focus on our breath and slowly but surely open up the knee and release the pain by using the simplest of apparatus The tube!!!

The Science of Acupressure

In years gone by (approximately 200 BC), books of healing were written that told of curing ailments with pressure by a stone.

These cures were achieved by applying pressure on certain points of the body.

From these points the Science of Acupressure was developed and it is from within this science could well lie the explanation as to why using this simple, yet powerful technique has given so much relief and promoted healing with so many peoples knees.

Join Pat Cash (Wimbledon Tennis Champion) and Brett Hayes – TriBreath Head Coach as they share with you one of these ancient techniques for healing and opening up your knee.

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