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Crystal Energy Softens Water Tension


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Crystal Energy – Patrick Flanagan PhiSciences

When you add Crystal Energy to your drinking water, what you’re actually adding is billions of spherical nanoparticles of silica that changes the surface tension of your water.

What’s a nanoparticle?

That’s really, really small like a millionth of a metre!

Why is this of benefit to you?

When you consider the secret to longevity is fluidity, drinking water that has a high permeability may well increase the absorption rate exponentially.

Possibly it’s the surface tension combined with the hydrogen content that makes the consumption of raw foods an absolute if wondrous health is the goal at hand.

As the old adage that states:

  • “It’s not what you eat it’s what you absorb!”

The same can be equally applied to water…

  • “It’s not what you drink, it’s what you absorb!”

It’s pretty obvious the absorption of water at the cellular level is where the foundations for health and vitality are housed.

As it’s readily accepted that the cell is immortal if kept in a hydrated, nourished and oxygenated state, one may well ask, “Isn’t water just water?” 

And the answer to that is a big NO!

If water was just water there wouldn’t be so many people and critters out living their life who drink lots of water who still feel and look dehydrated.

Some say it’s a thirst that cannot be quenched.

Why could this be? i believe the answer could well be explained by looking at three of the most accepted ways of measuring the inherent properties/qualities of water.

Water pH

Measuring the pH (the Potential of Hydrogen) of water is by far the most well known and most practiced.

This form of measurement is based on the concentration of, or the lack of four mineral salts or what are called the alkaline buffers, Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium and Sodium.

The major role that the salts play is in the transmission and reception of information.

For example… If you and a friend were to jump into a 50m pool of fresh water at either ends and go under water and talk to each other, the chances of either one of you hearing anything are very slim.

But if this same pool water had a high concentration of salt in it, hearing would not only possible but understanding of some words would be feasible.

With regard to the oceans, it’s the salt levels found in ocean water that allows the whale songs to be heard hundreds of kilometres away.

For sound is an energy and a form of information!


Measuring the O.R.P. (Oxidisation Reduction Potential) is the measurement of free hydrogen ions.

These ions (electrons) are measured in millivolts (mV) and again like the mineral salts, it’s all about the transmission and reception of information.

Be it a nutrient or a toxin, for either to be transported into, around or out of the body, the same must be bound to a hydrogen ion.

For it is this relationship between the elements (hydrogen being an element) that gives all organic matter the ability to experience life.

See MegaHydrate and/ or UltraStream Water Filtration.

Surface Tension

Measured in “dynes”, a dyne is the force required to accelerate a mass of one gram at a rate of one centimetre per second squared.

Think about popping a balloon with a needle. How much force is required for the needle to pierce the balloons skin is the distance and pressure traveled and is measured in dynes.

When it comes to water, take the sport of high diving.

The reason there’s always a stream of water landing in the pool where the divers enter the water is to break the water’s surface tension.

If it wasn’t for the stream of water breaking the pools surface tension, just like there’s not many survivors of people who have jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge, it wouldn’t be looking very good for these elite athletes.

Remember the belly flop in the pool as kid?


That’s a classic case of surface tension.

The water you drink

When it comes to the water you drink to hydrate yourself, just like “oils ain’t oils”, so too does the quality of water differ in surface tension.

Distilled water for example has an elevated surface tension when compared to the water that makes up the cells in your body.

Distilled water is measured in the 70 plus dyne range where the water that makes up the cell is measured around 41 dyne.

This may very well be the reason why when you talk to people who drink water that has gone through the process of either distilling or reverse osmosis water, there’s that ever common feeling of “never quenching the thirst”.

Which leads us onto the video below.

In this video, one of the many positive effects that adding Crystal Energy to the water you drink can readily be seen.

As stated above, Crystal Energy is a nano-particle silica supplement that changes the structure of water.

When one considers the dehydration is the leading cause of illness and decay, managing your drinking water to improve availability where it matters most can provide life-long benefits.

Imagine soft water molecules mingling and embracing each other inside your body whereas hard water molecules bounce off each other and never get a cuddle.

For the truth is…

It’s not the water you drink… it’s the water you absorb!

Crystal Energy Softens Water Tension

Patrick Flanagan and Surface Tension

In this experiment, Crystal Energy is added to a glass of water to see if the addition of nanoparticle silica found in the Crystal Energy will help the dissolution process of bark added to both glasses of water.

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