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Comparing Powdered Zeolite & Daily Detox Activated Zeolite


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It was 1988 when i was reading a magazine i purchased at the second hand bookstore that promoted sustainable living as a necessary community practice.

The magazine was called Grass Roots magazine and it had articles on a myriad of subjects like how to create organic gardens, build mud-brick houses and make your own bio-fuels.

One of the articles that had a very powerful impact on me (powerful enough for me to implement it on myself and my clients) was an article on zeolite.

i should add that at this stage of my life i was treating full-time as a Myotherapist with a client base that consisted mostly of athletes.

The Uncle Tobys Iron men (Trevor Hendy, Craig Riddington, Hayden Reece, Dwayne Thuys just to name a few), rowers who trained at the A.I.S. (that’s the Australian Institute of Sport), Commonwealth Gold Medal winning swimmers you get the picture?

i was looking after and guiding some very fit athletes and still do!

Anyway, back to the zeolite.

This article was about a gardener who was very much in his later years and had a picture of him and a pumpkin that stood 600mm plus high sitting by his side.

The interviewer asked him to share with their readers his secrets of success (i could just imagine him chewing on a piece of hay and speaking with a strong country accent) and he answered, “The secret is the volcano, in particular volcanic minerals and a mineral called zeolite.

When I add zeolite it seems to improve the plants ability to absorb nutrients!”

Well me having that intuitive knowing that nature knows best, put two and two together and promptly contacted a mining company i tracked down up in Maroochydore QLD, Australia and purchased 25kg of zeolite powder for about $25.00.

i then went searching the opportunity shops and found a big blue distilling bottle and using a ratio of 1:10; i put 1kg of zeolite powder in the bottle and filled it with 10 litres of water.

For a week i diligently stirred the muddy brew (covering the bottle with plastic so no critters could get in) and then waited for a bit under a week so as the solid mineral could settle to the bottom of the bottle.

i then siphoned the whitish water from the top leaving the dust sludge on the bottom and proceeded to give one cup of what i called liquid zeolite to my eager awaiting clients.

In the arena of million dollar wages, most athletes are always looking for that winning edge!

What happened?

We got great results!!!

It wasn’t like the buzz you get when have a vitamin B shot or a hydrogen hit, it was more like a feeling of well-being and improved lung capacity for all of us bar one (he didn’t have his listening ears on and for over a week swallowed the raw powdered zeolite as well which constipated him up very well).

The more research I did on this mineral called zeolite I found that zeolite has been used for centuries as a gastrointestinal tract healer.

It seems to have the ability to absorb toxins and displace mucus from the intestinal wall.

Note: If you can accept that for every yin there is a yang, the large intestine is the yang counterpart of the lungs (yin). Or to use a simple mechanical analogy, if the muffler is blocked no air can be drawn into the carburetor. It doesnt matter what fuels you put into the system, fuels cannot be efficiently consumed if first and foremost there is limited air and secondly, there is limited means of waste removal.

Why the big difference?

Well you see zeolites are made smaller in different ways.

The powdered zeolite I bought was mechanically ground smaller.

What I didn’t know was that zeolites have a cage-like-structure that attracts toxins, and any heavy metals that the zeolite comes in contact with in the ground are attracted and trapped within the zeolite cage.

So basically, the powered zeolite’s molecular structure is partially full already, and consequently it can’t detoxify nearly as well as the completely empty cage like the molecular structure of Activated Liquid Zeolite (Daily Detox) can.

Also, zeolite molecules normally become quite large because they stack together very easily.

When in a powder, the zeolite molecules will still have a tendency to clump together into too large molecules that will not pass into the bloodstream or into cells.

The key to why Daily Detox works so well is that it is cleansed and processed in such a way that the zeolite is able to be absorbed via the small intestine into the bloodstream and travel throughout the body and then get into cells.

Other zeolite products, like commercially available powdered zeolite Esdifan, only work in the intestinal tract because the molecules are too large to pass through the intestinal wall.

With Daily Detox, the zeolite undergoes a several day process of heat, acid and then slow cooling to completely rid it of heavy metals and toxins, to give it a small amount of calcium, potassium and magnesium for ionic exchange – and then then put in a liquid solution so that it will absorb 9 to 20 times more toxins in the body and to give it the ability to pass into the bloodstream and go throughout the body.

As a consequence, it is able to work throughout the body.

Thus, studies show that when you take measured quantity of Activated Liquid Zeolite, 40% shows up in the stools — meaning it was detoxifying the intestinal tract — and 60% is found in the urine, meaning it got into the bloodstream and went throughout the body.

What about the electrical charge?

Zeolite is a negatively charged mineral while heavy metals and other toxins are positively charged.

So the zeolite in the bloodstream picks up these heavy metals and toxins, and traps them in its cellular structure.

This enables Liquid Zeolite to detoxify without causing much in the way of detoxification symptoms or overloading your body’s detoxification system.

Keep in mind though, that with any form of toxin removal, the body uses water and requires hydration at a cellular level.

That’s why I recommend people eat lots of raw green leafy vegetables to help support the body’s healing and detoxification process.

The water content of raw veggies is hydrogen ion rich and the chlorophyll helps to rebuild the blood.

Daily Detox is truly a remarkable product and is what I consider a necessity for all of us living in our polluted western world.

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