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Ball of the Foot Pain & Some Helpful Relief


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Ball of the Foot Pain

There are many ways to help your body regenerate. One of the most available ways for you to help your body if there is damage of the feet, shoulders neck etc. is gentle compression to help stimulate blood flow.

Even the practice of tendon release and reintegration requires some form of movement to achieve the desired position.

Because when it comes to optimising your body’s potential, it all comes from alignment of your bones, tendons and muscle.

The technique i share with you in the video below, is another way of using the most wondrous of readily available healing tools… the Tube.

As with any movement of compression, may the direction of your force be direct, yet gentle.

The technique

  • Sitting on a chair with the tube in front of you, very gently place your foot on the tube.
  • Gently roll your foot over the tube to get used to the pressure.
  • Adjust your pressure accordingly to the amount of pain you are feeling.
  • When you’re breathing easily and the foot is starting to relax, lift up your big toe to extend your flexor digitorum longus tendon.
  • As you breathe, roll the tube backwards and forwards.
  • Don’t allow the foot to wrap around the tube.
  • The reason why we lift the big toe up is we’re going to extend the tendon.
  • Roll your foot over the tube and bring it right up into the bone at the base of the big toe and return it all the way back down into the heel.
  • To increase the pressure of the foot onto the tube simply just place your elbow on the knee of the side you are working on.
  • Support your hand with your opposite hand you’ll see you can bring your body weight over it and you can still get good movement of the foot.
  • If your foot is a bit sore and you wish to decrease the pressure, simply move your body away from the tube and rest your hand on the knee.
  • For more pressure on your foot, lean onto your knee with your elbow, keeping your hand supported. Breathe.
  • Remember… always let the tube be received by the tube, don’t try to force the body into the tube.

Flexor digitorum longus

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