Daily Detox – Purified & Micronised Zeolite


Daily Detox is a natural health supplement to help clear toxic elements (heavy metals etc.) out of your body and restore purity to your body’s water composition.


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Daily Detox – Purified & Micronised Zeolite (clinoptilolite)

Zeolites are one of the few negatively charged minerals found in nature that act as magnets to draw in toxins and capture these toxins into the zeolite cage so your body so your body can safely remove these toxins.

Zeolites are literally volcanic minerals with a unique, complex crystalline structure.

Zeolites honeycomb framework of cavities and channels act like cages, trapping heavy metals and toxins.

With 99% of zeolite particles in Daily Detox being .5 microns or less in diameter, Daily Detox helps clean the waters that make up your body using the natural properties of zeolites to act as molecular sieves and as a filtering agent.

Here in Australia, zeolite (clinoptilolite) is widely used as a filter medium for treating and cleaning sewage effluent.

A number of large councils in Australia (Brisbane City Council being the largest) have purpose built zeolite filters that are designed to remove primarily “nitrogenous wastes” from treated sewage effluent.

All around the world zeolite is used extensively for filtering the water of…

  • Private and Public Swimming Pools
  • Municipal Drinking Water
  • Municipal and Industrial Waste Water
  • Water Parks
  • Aquariums
  • Aquaculture
  • Zoos

Your body is primarily made up of water (70 – 80%)!

Using Daily Detox everyday is like giving your body a daily filtration treatment.

By removing the poisons and ionic metals (acids) from your blood (blood is primarily made up of water), the body can more effectively maintain purity and wellness as cleanliness helps to support an alkaline terrain.

And let’s get real… nobody likes to swim in green pool water!

  • Your body is made of water.
  • Your blood is made of water.
  • Your muscle is made of blood (which is made of water).

Daily Detox zeolite cleans the waters of your body!

And it does it very well.

If you’re feeling a bit green, that is not regularly feeling clear, vibrant, centred and full of beans, look no further than your body’s water.

Daily Detox… 45ml’s of purified and micronised zeolite for your health, your family’s health and your pet’s health.

You can check your urine for heavy metal exposure using a Heavy Metal Test Kit by Clicking here.

Serving suggestions:

  • SHAKE BOTTLE WELL (the bigger bottle size and micronised zeolite concentration requires a good shake every time).
  • Take up to 10 drops three times a day.
  • Increase fluid consumption to avoid dehydration.


  • A composition of more than 95% clinoptilolite.
  • High Performance Liquid Chromatography and Elemental Analysis revealed no traceable contaminants to the product cage.
  • Only pure Zeolite along with Calcium, Potassium and Nitrogen was found.
  • Majority of the Zeolite particles are smaller than .5 microns in diameter.


The zeolite used in the manufacture of Daily Detox has been purified.

This purifying process maximises the natural filtration properties of zeolite.

Because the zeolite (clinoptilolite) is not burdened with impurities, there’s no requirement to add alcohol, preservatives, humic acid, fulvic acid or any other ingredient.

The question to ask ALL zeolite manufactures, is this…

“If the micronised (1 micron and less) zeolite used in your product is cleansed, why are there added ingredients?

Zeolite is a rock, not a nutrient!

If the rock has been cleansed and the water filtered, why are preservatives required when rock doesn’t go off?”

Hence there’s only two ingredients found in Daily Detox…

  • Water

  • Clinoptilolite (zeolite)

Daily Detox Ingredients.jpg

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  1. Rodney T.

    Metal taste in mouth

    Just a quick thanks for your suggestion using this zeolite product. It cleared the metal taste in my mouth within a day. To say I’m very relieved is an understatement!

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