Missing Minerals Mineral Complex


Missing Minerals is a scientifically based proprietary blend of essential Trace Minerals that contains over 75 ionic trace minerals to help balance and restore optimal pH levels in the body.

Container size: 500g


Missing Minerals Mineral Complex 500g

Missing Minerals complex is a alkalising blend of over 75 ionic trace minerals that can be used to help balance extracellular pH for optimum health and vitality.

If you’re looking for a life full of good health, then providing your body with essential minerals is in these modern times a unfortunately a requirement.  This is primarily due to the lack of essential nutrients found in unsustainable mass food production and their by-products.  If it’s not in the foods you eat, your body’s not going to get it!

And when these trace minerals are not in the foods you eat, then expecting the correct function and repair of your body is an unlikely scenario.  Hence what appears to be, a rapid increase of ill health in these modern times.

To make things even more complicated, mineral deficiencies can cause unhealthy cravings and over eating as the body attempts to source these minerals.

The solution

Supply your body with these energising minerals by giving your body Missing Minerals Mineral Complex.

Taking these essential minerals is a massively positive step towards restoring normal body function, body repair and health.  Then there are the more subtle benefits you can experience on the more energetic levels that are bountiful.

Maintaining extracellular mineral concentrations in the body is the cornerstone of health as is an alkaline pH terrain.

Essential minerals are not only a necessity for the absorption of a range of nutrients your body requires, including vitamins, these minerals are also a requirement for the negating of acids.  Where there is ill health, you’ll find lots of acid!

In a readily dissolved form that mixes easily with water, feeling the difference is both simple and economical.

Suggested use:

  • It is suggested to work up to one level teaspoon (4 Grams) of Missing Minerals in a large glass of water (approx. 300ml), stirring until dissolved.
  • If your average urine/saliva pH is lower than pH 7.4, slowly increase your intake to one teaspoon three times a day to help balance your pH over time.
  • Once your average urine/saliva is consistently pH 7.4, reduce to one teaspoon per day to maintain pH at 7.4.
  • It may also be beneficial to add 1/8 of a teaspoon (a pinch) to a bottle of water to drink throughout the day.


Missing Minerals Ingredients

Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight.

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