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Missing Minerals & MegaHydrate Powder Combination Special

Missing Minerals & MegaHydrate Powder Combination Special

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Missing Minerals & MegaHydrate Powder combination special.

Container sizes: Missing Minerals 500g / MegaHydrate 50g


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Missing Minerals 500g & MegaHydrate Powder 50g Special

Missing Minerals Mineral Complex is a alkalising blend of over 75 ionic trace minerals that can be used to help balance extracellular pH for optimum health and vitality.

MegaHydrate is the world renown antioxidant hydrogen-ion rich formulation to help improve hydration at the cellular level.

If you’re looking for a life full of good health, then providing your body with essential minerals and hydrogen ions is a good idea.

pH alkalising minerals, salts & hydrogen promote glowing skin, eyes that shine bright and provides the necessary electrical conduction so your body that can exude strength and vitality. 100% natural proprietary blend.

In the video below, i measure the ORP (Oxidisation Reduction Potential) of Missing Minerals Mineral Complex first, then the Mineral Complex with the MegaHydrate combined.

To say i was surprised by the resulting measurements and the increase in antioxidant potential is an understatement.

Please note this is a combination special and is not applicable to include any other products distributed by Vitality Plus Australia.

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Suggested use:

  • It is suggested to work up to one level teaspoon (4 Grams) of Missing Minerals and 2 scoops (capsules) of MegaHydrate in a large glass of water (approx. 300ml), stirring until dissolved.
  • If your average urine/saliva pH is lower than pH 7.4, slowly increase your intake to one teaspoon three times a day to help balance your pH over time.
  • Once your average urine/saliva is consistently pH 7.4, reduce to one teaspoon per day to maintain pH at 7.4.
  • Both products are readily dissolved and mix easily with water.
  • Simple and economical.

Store both the Missing Minerals Mineral Complex & the MegaHydrate in a cool dry place away from sunlight.

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  1. Jill R.

    Jill R.

    Such great value with results

    I don’t normally leave reviews but the results in my overall well being after being on this combination I feel compelled to share. It was a bit shakey in the beginning so I called up and spoke to a very helpful gentleman who suggested to start small with the minerals and build up. Three months later my body eats it up. The biggest positive has been my anxiousness and irritability has almost gone (don’t ask my husband :-). There’s so much more but I feel so much better. Thank you for the time you so generously gave me.

  2. Peter D.

    Peter D.

    What a combination

    I’ve tried so many electrolyte products and 9 out of 10 don’t even hit the lowest levels of this combination. Maintaining gardens and lawns is hot exhaustive work particularly in the summer season so I add the megahydrate and complex together in a big 4 litre bottle and drink it through out the day. What a difference! Highly recommended!

  3. Julze Serendipity

    Julze Serendipity

    Game Changer

    As a self confessed supplement junkie I usually find myself surfing around from one thing to another. Even things that I consider in my top 10 I don’t take everyday. Megahydrate and missing minerals are a totally different story. Unless I ran out and it was only the missing minerals that I think I did, I take these both religiously every morning first thing. There is something to them that changes you over time making you more resilient and healthier than before. I have even discovered that they are an almost instant cure to a night of too much indulgence of alcohol. This to me indicates just how hydrating and mineral dense these two products are. Lastly but far from least I did my own version of the negative ORP experiment. In pure water with 2 scoops of mega hydrate and 1 tsp of missing minerals I achieved a ORP of -930. To give you an idea of how good that is, my device won’t measure lower than -1000 and most municipal tap water is in the +200-300 range. It is no wonder how healing these to kitchen miracles are. If I could only take one supplement combo, this would be it hands down.

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