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Missing Minerals Premium Pet Health

Missing Minerals Premium Pet Health


It’s not only us who suffer from a lack of minerals but also our pets. Mix a small dose of Premium Pet Health into their water or food and kick off body repair and disease prevention for your furry friends.

500ml Pump Pack


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Premium Pet Health

Missing Minerals Premium Pet Health is a powerful formula of minerals that are usually missing from your pet’s health.

The minerals found in Premium Pet Health are required by your pets body for optimal health and joint flexibility.

Modern diets do not allow pets to receive all of the minerals necessary to live, long healthy lives.

Our modern diets even for our pets are low in minerals, especially Boron, which has been scientifically proven essential for animals.

Pet Essentials provides these minerals in a simple easy dose system, where you add Missing Minerals to your pet’s water dish or food.

So many customers are loving the changes this has made to their furry friends that we offer a money-back guarantee to make sure you will be just as satisfied.

Each bottle lasts between 60 to 125 days depending on your pet’s weight.

If you would like your pet to move with ease and have a glossy, lustrous, soft full thick coat, then Premium Pet Health is what you’re looking for.

  • Includes a liquid pump for easy administration.
  • Simply mix in with your pet’s food each day.
  • No artificial colours or preservatives.
  • No sweeteners, corn, dairy, soy or wheat.
  • 500ml Pump Pack.


1 – 10 kg pet 2 pump/day

11 – 20 kg pet 3 pumps/day

21 kg & OVER pet 4 pumps/day

Not recommended for pets under one year of age.
Keep out of reach of children.

Weight 0.1 kg

  1. Brett H.

    Brett H.

    A fabulous product for your pet

    Our dog Rama is a 12 year old (2022) collie cross that for many months had a ligament fascia injury that just wouldn’t heal. So that meant no ball! Tough times! With physical therapy not working, anti-inflammatory’s appeared to be a possible option. That was until we found out about this stuff and we gave it a go. His recovery was quick! Within a couple of weeks the limp had calmed down dramatically and by six weeks he was running and chasing ball again. But the healing didn’t stop there. His coat! The thickness of his coat increased dramatically but with it a shine and glossiness that is nothing short of impressive. It’s like he’s a pup again. Highly recommended!

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